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happy 2015! to be honest my year hasn't gone off to the best start, we're 4 days in now and i've only managed to leave my flat once because i've been so unwell. (still haven't managed to put a bra on yet.) i get terrible cabin fever so being indoors for an entire week has been horrific. no celebrating new year - no NOTHING. anyway.. going to the doctor tomorrow so i'll hopefully get over it soon.

before we move into 2015 though i wanted to share a little bit of december first. it was a super overwhelming and busy month, which started with... getting engaged! my boyfriend, err i mean.. fiancee is much better at being soppy and lovely than i am so if you want to read about what happened you can do so on his blog here.

i'll be honest though - being engaged is weird. i was never one of those girls who dreamed of getting married or wearing a big beautiful dress or all of that kind of stuff. i genuinely never thought i would get married, and i'm still strugg…

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