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can't wait to see what kind of people end up on this?! i hope they manage to show newcastle in a somewhat good light and not just charv central. apparently they chose newcastle as their uk location because it's always summer here as the girls never wear coats.. amazing. i'm sure i'll be cringing throughout but I CAN'T WAIT. and if they don't invite me to be part of it i'm going to be furious. party girl, fist pump!

moving swiftly on! after a ridiculous morning at work today - which involved e-mailing about a million different people and trying to get through to another million people i decided enough was enough and took a stroll to the shops. like i ever need an excuse to spend money in my lunch hour?

i thought i'd keep it classy with my primark bag.. and.. a chanel bag! i got some funny looks charging back into the office, not going to lie.

i saw this bag on someones blog yesterday (can't remember who, sorry!) and knew i had to have it. it's so cute. it's a little smaller than i usually like but maybe it'll inspire me to not carry so much junk around. quite ironic that i mentioned i rarely find bags i like and in the past few weeks i've acquired three! deary me. i also picked up some 'cosy tights' - FLEECY TIGHTS! can't wait to try those out, can only imagine how warm my legs are going to be.

i mentioned a few posts back i got a sample of this foundation and well.. i love it so much i bought it. i was reading some of the reviews on makeupalley earlier, which are kind of bad which totally surprised me! i think it's so lovely. i've been using estee lauder doublewear (in shell) but i'm starting to think it's kind of heavy for day time - i love it but it's just a bit TOO much coverage and it flakes quite badly. mat lumiere is the perfect day time foundation, it's matte so keeps away shine in humid offices and long lasting. whilst i don't believe it lasts 12 hours (nor does doublewear on me) it doesn't slide off the skin or anything, it just makes my face look a little dewy after a few hours, rather than greasy! which i don't think is a bad thing at all. it blends into the skin really easily, i've been running late the past few mornings, meaning no time to faff about with makeup brushes so i've been using my fingers.. and honestly, i think i prefer it to a brush application! as for which shade i use, i'm nc15 in mac and 05 faience is a perfect match.

and to end this post,

REALLY WANT THIS. don't think it'll go down too well in the office though. it's from lazy oaf if anyone was wondering!


  1. I love that vintage looking handbag, so nice x

  2. i love that bag! i've seen it a couple of times now - just need to get off my bum and find one, tres cute xo

    love zsara

  3. Oh my days, as if they're doing a 'geordie shore'...will be most definitly tuning in to that!

    Lovely purchases darling ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  4. Ah I've been looking for that bag ever since I spied it in my local primark a few weeks ago, now that it's pay day it's nowwhere to be found! x

  5. oh gosh Geordie shore? Ive not heard of that one yet, but I have been watching The only way is Essex and that is chav enough. (but I love it ha)Really cute blog by the way. x

  6. can't wait to see how this programme plans out. they are planning a 'the only way is brighton' show down here also! haha

  7. Oh my god, fleece tights? I am getting some of those next week!

  8. the bag is gorgeous! good find:) xo

  9. i've just found your blog and i love it - definitely a new follower! i especially love the that bag, i bought it the other week. also, i'm from newcastle and my friend is working for mtv on the geordie shore project!

    ♥ elle

    elle & the fashion folk


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