i wish i wish i wish

i think it's safe to say from this wish list i like my dresses black and my shoes brown. like everyone i'm quite partial to a peter pan collar, they just make everything so much cuter! i'm also pretty much in love with anything fur lined or covered in feathers.. but realistically i'll probably only buy the boots since i can't quite justify another dress or feather clutch right now. and finally if it wasn't for the £29.50 price tag for the brush i'd buy it in a heartbeat - does anyone have any cheaper (but good quality) recommendations? i'm in dire need of a brush like this!


  1. i love those boots! i was going to buy a pair from chockers but these ones look so much nicer and are the same price! xx

  2. I like that sparkley collar dress! My boy bought me the melissa & viv shoes for xmas :) xo.

  3. love the Melissa shoes!! such a cute colour :) x

  4. gorgeous wish list
    especially the adorable dresses :)

  5. I have never really like the Melissa shoes but those ones are just lovely! Great list,

    R x

  6. gorgeous wish list!! My sis has the boots!! there lovely!!
    really cool blog!! :) x


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