living for the weekend

i figured the first time showing my face in this little blog should be my face at it's happiest, and most natural.. which happens to be after one or two (ten) cocktails. maybe after this i'll feel less of an idiot posing for outfit posts or whatever! (probably not, but nevertheless)

anyway last night my friend holly and i hit the town, so to speak. we did our usual routine of leaving it until the very last minute to decide to go out, bbm'ing each other progress of how far ready we were and drinking as fast as possible to make up for lost time. i think the highlight of my night, or maybe the low point in retrospect was overhearing some teenage girls saying they were going to buy skittles, followed by "..what is skittles?" - that makes me feel so old! how can they not know what this abnormally green cocktail is?! even at sixteen i was MORE than aware of what it was!

after the obligatory fight at the end of the night (apparently some boy with a massive ponytail slapped a girl?) we called it a night and headed home. as i was walking up my street i saw the STRANGEST/SCARIEST THING. a... MASSIVE FOX. just strolling down my street, jesus christ. (for the record i live in the city!) i froze with fear for a second then legged it into my house, woke my dad up to tell him - can't say he was very impressed, it was 3am after all. after my initial shock i passed out without taking my makeup off. awoke this morning with a banging headache and an eyelash stuck to my cheek. standard.

anyway, last night. i'm on the left in all of these (side fringe and leopard print!)

and to end this post, my naughty pug hiding upstairs, where he's definitely not allowed to be.. oops!


  1. You've got lovely thick hair, and AW @ the cheeky pug lol xo.

  2. you are very pretty! Don't need to worry bout feeling embaressed for outfit posts, you soon get used to it! Watch out for those big foxes, I think they are evolving and getting quite vicious!

  3. Love love love your make up! SO SO JEALOUS you have a pug! Literally dream of haing my own one day x


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