models own ~ what a fabulous offer ~

waking up early on a sunday morning without a hangover was just lovely! (can't say the same for saturday morning, however) making use of my day i trekked to my local tesco, which happens to be the largest supermarket in the UK.. and an absolute nightmare, if you were wondering.. all to take advantage of the free models own kit! all you have to do is collect two tokens which come in fabulous magazine which is free with the news of the world newspaper on a sunday. if you haven't collected your tokens yet you still have time, if you get one today and next week. more info and participating stores here

so in the little pouch you get eyelash curlers, tweezers, mascara, eyeshadow duo and black liquid eyeliner, apparently it's worth £24 but i doubt i'd ever pay even close to that really. i've tried models own lipstick and blush before and been incredibly disappointed by both so i'm hoping i won't be let down by these products either because i LOVE their nail polish. anyway it's free so even if it is rubbish i won't complain.

a swatch of the eyeshadow duo. the colours are quite nice, seems relatively pigmented although quite chalky. that could be because it's just on my hand though and i haven't tried with a primer yet! since i was already in tesco i had a look around F+F but nothing caught my eye, apart from this bag which was half price in the sale - down from £15 to £7.50! bargain.

i'm also going to be dying my eyelashes and eyebrows soon, using the eylure kit so i may save that for another post, depending on how well they turn out..!


  1. lovely blog! we follow<3
    perhaps you can follow back :*

    xx, tany

  2. what an awesome little pack! im jealous! xx


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