introduction of sorts

oh hello! i suppose a little introduction wouldn't hurt. my name is klee, i'm twenty three and i find it easier to write my age in letters rather than numbers because then i can choose to ignore the 'three' part. i've recently graduated and moved back home, leaving my student lifestyle (and best friends) 300 miles away. i've somehow ended up with a 9-5 office job that has nothing to do with my degree and a pug puppy who cries when i don't pay him enough attention.

anyway, not entirely sure why i'm doing this or what this will become but.. here we go!


  1. Oooh I want a pug when I'm able to get a house in the future! Too cute! At least you have a job though, so well done! xx

  2. look forward to reading more and your puppy is adorable x

  3. good luck in 2011! i hope you enjoy blogging :)


    The Flower Girl


  4. Bless, he is adorable, how cute is his little face!! Good luck with your blog, I hope you enjoy it :) xx

  5. Good luck with the blog! I am BEYOND jealous that you have a pug puppy (or should I say puggy). I have wanted one for years but probably won't be able to get one until I move out of London. It's heartbreaking! xo

  6. Hey, just come across your blog. Your dog is the cutest pug I've ever seen!


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