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firstly, i have some followers! how exciting! i never imagined anyone would actually read this (apart from my friend holly, hi holly) so thankyoooou and hello!

after work today i popped into primark to have a nosy around - i can't decide if i love or hate working in the city centre, there's just too much temptation to 'pop' into primark/topshop/mac counter! even if i fully intend just to 'have a look' i still manage to spend a fortune. today i was relatively good and only bought a few things.

i've been looking for a new bag for ages, i'm actually quite fussy with bags and have been using the same one for over a year now but i haven't found anything i liked until now-

it was only £8 from primark but i love it! whilst taking the picture i thought i'd show you the contents of it too, because it's new there isn't any junk or rubbish in it which is amazing..! i guess that'll only last a week at most though. anyway in my bag i have:

  • glasses! i need them for reading/computer/work
  • work pass/locker key
  • pug purse (i am obsessed, won't lie)
  • house keys
  • little bottle of marc jacobs lola perfume
  • mac lipstick, think this is cut a caper, i change every few days!
  • mac studiofix powder foundation in nc15 - i use it for touch ups through the day
  • vaseline rosy lips
  • pen
  • blackberry
  • metro pass
  • chewing gum
  • ipod touch
also in primark i picked up some new shoes for work, i have similar ones in brown but they could do with being replaced really. these were cute and cheap so i thought why not! i didn't try them on though and i think i could have done with a 5 instead of a 6 but nevermind. that'll teach me for trying to outsmart primark and they're funny sized shoes.

and lastly i got these from superdrug - sleek contour palette and l'oreal telescopic mascara. if you haven't tried the mascara already i FULLY recommend it. i've tried so many different mascaras (chanel, lancome, mac, makeup forever, clinique, EVERYTHING) and i always come back to this. curl the lashes first and it's absolutely amazing! i haven't tried the contour palette yet but i've heard good things about it, and they finally had it in 'light' today so i thought i'd give it a go. i've been using a mac one, bone and beige (i think) that i do like.. but yes.. we'll see how it goes.


  1. my mascara is running out so i think i'll try the telescopic one next. i'm always SO jealous of your lashes in the photos you post!

    i was looking at that bag a few days ago but i have far too many bags so just couldn't justify another! it's lovely though :) xx

  2. That bag is so lovely, and I'm a little obsessed with pugs too - I desperately want one when I get my own flat :D
    Cheap brogues are the best too. You wear them so often that there's no point spending a fortune if they won't last long.

    Rosie x

  3. i love the bag!!!

    Giulia Sulis

  4. I love your purse!!!


  5. I wanted cut a caper and the mac lass said she hadnt heard of it and was i sure thats what it was called? Gods sake!!! - Bryden


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