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i have so much makeup it's a bit ridiculous. this is my 'every day' makeup bag (i have a few baskets of other things i don't use as much - coloured eyeshadows/msfs/pigments mainly) anyway it's cath kidston and i'm pretty sure it's meant to be a wash bag, but nevertheless. i'm tidying it out so i thought i may aswell show whats in it. it's overflowing at the moment so a lot of this stuff is going to be moved into a basket i think.

these are my 'every day' face things. obviously i don't use all of them at once but i change my routine constantly! today i wore mat lumiere with makeup forever matte powder and yesterday i wore estee lauder doublewear with a mac natural msf. i always use mac matte on my t-zone and sometimes benefit pore fessional when i can be bothered! always finish off with a squirt of fix plus too. i'm not even going to apologise for how dirty my makeup is, it's well used haha.

some msf's/beauty powder things from mac. i do actually love all of these and would wear them all on my face every day if i didn't look stupid (err.. not that i've tried that or anything.) these haven't photographed very well AT ALL so i may try again sometime. light flush is my absolute favourite right now.

other blusher things. nars orgasm is another favourite! mac/hello kitty tippy was my favourite for such a long time, but i've replaced it with flamingo by sleek as of late. both are lovely though.

eyeshadow. now, i really don't get on with eyeshadow. i can't use colour at all which means i have loads of eyeshadows i just DON'T USE. these are my neutrals that i mostly wear. i'm trying to branch out a little into pinks but... it's not going so well.

mascara - all time favourite is l'oreal telescopic. not to brag or anything but i get asked a lot if my eyelashes are real when i wear this! i usually thicken them up with a coat of smoky lash or the collection 2000 one which is a cheaper option. works just as well too. illamasqua's precision ink is the only liquid eyeliner i get on with (i usually use gel) it's absolutely FANTASTIC. and well worth the stupid price tag. it goes on effortlessly and i don't have to spend forever trying to make the lines even. it's true black and super glossy. love love love it. the pencil is mac spiked eyebrow pen, which i use if i can't be bothered to fill my brows in with eyeshadow!

lipstick. oh god. my weakness. these are just the ones i have in my makeup bag, i have them spread across handbags and all over my room. i'm terrible. i guess these ones were my favourites at some point! at the moment i love angel, girl about town, up the amp, hue and impassioned.

brushes! i don't use many really. they're all mac apart from the two on the end which are gosh. if i had to pick one it'd be the 187, definitely. i use it for pretty much everything!

whew, think i'll leave it there for now! what are your essentials in your makeup bag? :)


  1. i'd love some nice mac brushes!! they look really profesh haha! xx

  2. My sister bought me the loveliest Cath Kidston make-up bag for Christmas, and since then, I've managed to filter my essentials to fit in the bag, and I'm totes getting rid of everything else, I also have such a crazy amount of make-up! May just have to try those mascaras that you mentioned lovely, I'm a sucker for buying mascaras! I heart your lipstick collection (:

  3. Oh myyyy, what a post! You do know this is like porn for me? haha, i love seeing other people's stash!
    I might have to do something similar soon! xx

  4. Ooh I like those brushes! What are your favourites? Have you tried any other brands at all?

    I love nars blusher too! Its almost run out though, woe is me!! Lipstick is also my downfall. Whoops!!

    Follow my blog? :D

  5. Argh, also, i've been wanting to try that chanel foundation for AGES, whats it like? I really want some :(

  6. Love the collection of lipsticks! I spy a Mac Hello Kitty blush too♥ :D

  7. I love MAC MSF. I only have petticoat but it's LOVE.

  8. Woah, That is ALOT of make-up, I thought I had alot, but it's nothing in comparison to this! :)

    By the way I LOVE your Pug, I'm hoping to get a dog soon and a Pug is a possibility, I love them they're just so cute and cuddly :) xxx

  9. thats a crazy amount of make up - i love it x

  10. Makeup bag is so cute

  11. love your make up bag :) and so jealous of all your lovely make up! xx

  12. i love makeupppppppppp ahhh I wrk at sephora (wink)

  13. i love makeupppppppppp i work at sephora !!!!

  14. Your blog,
    I like.

  15. Love the lipsticks!! Looks just like my collection :)


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