HIYA! i'm so so glad it's friday tomorrow, mainly because it's pay day and also means one more day at work before the weekend! YAY. still fully hating work - it got worse because someone took my chair. (!!!!!) anyone who works in an office knows how important it is that once you find a comfortable chair, you KEEP the comfortable chair. now i'm left with an old dodgy thing which i detest. i will seek revenge though, don't worry.

moving swiftly on from office politics - i'm sure you've probably seen clinique's current 'bonus time' they're running, where you buy two products (one being from the skincare range) and receive a free gift. i bought the high impact mascara set, which came with a mini all about eyes and makeup remover.. and to be honest, it's not that great. anyway along with that i bought the pore minimiser, which apparently acts as a shine control too. it's so-so. eh, to be honest i wouldn't buy either of these again.. HOWEVER

the things in the free gift are all REALLY GOOD! (apart from the makeup remover, which isn't anything special. and i now have two bottles. lovely.) my favourite thing in the set is definitely the high impact curl mascara, it's pretty incredible. i really wish i'd bought the full size version instead of the normal one. maybe next time?! there's also a generous sized sample of 'moisturiser surge extended thirst relief' which i actually think is making a difference in the morning, it brightens my skin and makes me feel a bit more alive(!). the little trio is a blush and two eyeshadows which are all lovely too, especially the blush.. it's a gorgeous deep pink which works well with a little highlight. the lipgloss is alright too, probably wouldn't buy it but i'm not the biggest fan of gloss to begin with, it does last all day though which is good i guess! not much to say about the brushes, they're just small and... yeah.



  1. I normally hate clinique, but now I'm intrigued again, eek!!

  2. Oh god chair stealing is never a joke! Why do people think that this is acceptable! This has happened to me before, just go in early and nick it back, they can't say anything as they took it in the first place, lol. Love the photo of the puggy! xo

  3. awww louis looks so unimpressed! he's so cute :)
    i love the lipstick you're wearing too x

  4. I love the lipstick your wearing!

  5. I love Clinique 'quickliner' eyeliner but I haven't used any of their other products.


  6. I love clinique! ++ your blog :)
    I've mentioned you in a post if you'd like to check it out xx

  7. Hi hun please send me detail so i can ship your gift :) if you remember entering from my blog

  8. Hii

    please send the Detail on i will send you one of the gift from the give away :) x

  9. Gaah! What an adorable Pug! I love Clinique bonus time too :)

  10. aww your dog is the cutest! I've always wanted this dog:p now I'm really into pomerians.. not sure if I spelled that right:p

  11. Clinique can be such a mish mash at times!
    I've had a different experience of the all about eyes cream though, as a month into using it, the skin around my eyes is in fantastic condition. They really were dehydrated before and I had onset wrinkles creeping in but the cream seems to have rectified it.

  12. Ah I totally understand what it's like with the whole chair stealing thing. I had that happen so many times when I worked in an office!
    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway :)
    Rebecca x

  13. I got this too! I bought some foundation and moisturiser that I needed to get it. I gave the free moisturiser to my Mum though, bit too heavy for my skin. I haven't tested out the blush but I really should! I usually use a clinique cream stick blusher.


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