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so as i mentioned previously i bought new eyelash curlers, not sure i would have bought them if it wasn't for the caffeined brain but i'm actually pretty glad i did! thanks coffee. they definitely work better than the cheapy ones i've always used. and hopefully i won't ever have to buy them again, so maybe they'll even work out cheaper? heres hoping.

work are talking about shift work instead of 9-5, which means i might be able to do my 35 hours over 4 days which would be amazing. if that comes off i think i'll be a lot happier. it probably won't though now i've said that, i always jinx myself! like last night i was right on time for the early metro and then it completely BROKE in the station didn't it. i waited for 15 minutes before deciding to take the plunge and get a BUS. what an experience. it was horrific, smelt bad and took twice as long. nightmare.

this is my face. it looks miserable because i have nothing to do this weekend.


  1. Awww, you look so pretty! You just look pouty instead of miserable, haha!

    I need those eyelash curlers in my life. I've found cheapy ones are just plain crap! xx

  2. Love your lip colour, and might have to check out those lash curlers.

  3. your eyelashes are gorgeous! love your blog :)

  4. Look like they did a good job.
    You look lovely.


  5. Your make-up looks wonderful!
    And I've never thought to use eyelash curlers.. weird. Maybe I should?!
    Thanks for your comment - following now,

    Rosie x

  6. I've never bought an eye curler... i have one but i don't know where it came from lol.

  7. i have that eyelash curler and i absolutely adore it!!!!! its just amazing!!!!! i am so addicted to it..great choice :)


  8. Beautiful eyelashes! Perfect!

  9. I love Shu uemura lashes so might have to try these out. Just found your blog, it's lovely! x

  10. LOVE THOSE CURLERS! Couldnt be without them now.


  11. I swear by my £1 Primark eyelash curlers, ahaha. It's probably about time I invested in some good ones though!


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