life in 3d

well well well! we got a massive 3d TV a few days ago, it's crazy. i was watching something earlier and literally put my hand out to try and grab it, what an idiot! you have to wear these silly glasses but it's fun. i think the novelty will probably wear off soon though - it's pretty annoying when you're not watching something and someone else is, the picture is all blurry!

my mum broke her foot yesterday, she fell over whilst walking louie pug and managed to full on break it! she's okay though, just sporting a massive bright pink cast. bless her. means she's out of action for a few weeks now, so i've been getting up earlier to take louie out and then when i get home from work. speaking of lou..

he wanted in on the photobooth action. he's obsessed with kisses, boy can't get enough.

did anyone watch beauty and the beast: ugly face of prejudice tonight? what did you think? i haven't finished watching it yet, but either way i think i'd feel hypocritical saying anything since i'd never leave the house without a full face of makeup on.

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  1. Owh I'd love a 3D TV! I can imagine it being annoying to have to put glasses on every time though, and I have to put them on on top of my standard glasses ): Such cute photos! I watched that docu earlier too, found it really interesting as I hardly ever leave the flat without make-up on, despite not really having any qualms with my natural appearance? Weird. xx

  2. aww, he is adorable! that is a shame about your mammmys foot though, ouchy :( me and david had a look at the 3d tv's in comet last week, they seemed pretty awesome! is every show in 3d I take it? i think your glasses look pretty cool to be honest :p haha. I never saw that programme, but did see it advertised. I think there are so many good hard hitting docu's on tv right now! bbc three is where its at! xx

  3. I watched it earlier, thought it was very insightful. Only thing I didn't really understand though, if the girl wasn't happy with her boobs why did you keep putting them on display?! Or find ways to hide them/give the illusion of them looking smaller?


  4. aww I hope your mum recovers soon, that must have been painful. I'm really tempted to look at 3D TV's they look really cool xx

  5. aww I hope your mum recovers soon, that must have been painful. I'm really tempted to look at 3D TV's they look really cool xx

  6. You pug is so adorable I could cry!

  7. haha love those glasses but 3d makes me feel a little ill!
    Your dog is adorable!

  8. poor mum! atleast shes got a well cool cast... i seen that program advertised but i don't want to watch it.. i feel so bad for the guy walking around in the nightclub.. he must of felt so humiliated.. i just can't bring myself too watch it..
    does 3d tv have any 3d channels yet? aahaha xx

  9. Love the colour on your lips.
    Ah hope your mum's foot heals quickly!
    Your dog is so adorable :)x

  10. This is so cute! I want a pug party!!! xxx


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