today louie, his dad nugget and friend bodsa went to the beach to meet up with other pugs and small dogs. this is the three of them, and the best photo i could get since they're SO energetic and playful (especially louie, he's the baby). louies the one in the black coat, bodsa in the green and daddy nugget.

they all had such a good time! in the car home they all just passed out and snored the entire way back. so cute. it was louies first time being allowed off his leash too (he's naughty and tends to run away!) but he was very well behaved and mainly stuck with his dad. apart from trying to have a little hump of a girl pug called dora.. but we won't go too much into that. ahem. every so often he'd run off, stop and frantically look around for me then come charging over when i shouted his name. i felt like a proud mother!

the photographs aren't that great, honestly they spent most of the day chasing each other, sniffing each others rude bits or humping each other! but they all seem to enjoy themselves.. so that's good, i guess. there were some baby black pugs there who i fell in love with, i NEED a black pug now. i want a little friend for loudog.

sorry if you're not a fan of doggies! if you're a fan of nail polish you can go get 25% off models own stuff here though: http://www.modelsownit.com/fabulous/ i made an order on thursday and it came today!


  1. Aw those photo's are lovely!
    It takes me forever to take a photo of my dog because he won't sit still!
    I love dogs, I have a Jack Russell :)xx

  2. Literally sitting here grinning like a lunatic at these pics, they are so cute!
    I love the sausage dog as well hehe!

  3. haha dogs are so funny!
    and these are all cuties xo

  4. This looks like the most fun party EVER! :) haha too cute! these pictures have made my weekend without a doubt xx

    i wish i had a pug so that i could go to a pug party! the little black pug with the pink coat on is soooo cute! ♥

  6. Your pugs are so gorgeous. :)

    I have a Dachshund (sausage dog) & a lurcher, two completely different dogs, but they are both adorable & play together like little kids!

    Loving their coats as well btw. :)

  7. Ohhh how adorable! I love the photos where it looks like they are kissing! I am so jealous that you have a pug! I just don't have the room. xo

    Wishing for Summer Giveaway!

  8. Too cute!
    I have two pekingese dogs and I always think a pugs face is quite similar to a pekingese's face.


  9. These pictures are so cute! I can never get pictures of my dog seeing s she doesn't sit still!

  10. oh my god they're all adorable! especially the little black baby in the pink jumper hehe!!! xx

  11. Aww, I absolutely love pugs so was happy to stumble across your blog and find an entry full of pictures :) They're all so adorable and look like they're having lots of fun! xx

  12. THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! oh my god.. i am most defo a cat person... but pugs and chiwawas (excuse the spelling!) are my weakness!

  13. So so cute, I love little doggies! I have a pom. These pugs are just adorable.

  14. oh my gosh there's so many of them! and they all look v cute in their little coats :)

    thanks for the tips on fluidline, im so confused! ive never tried illamasqua but i have heard good things about the brand so im gonna read up on a couple of reviews :) xx

  15. Awwww! Thanks for those photos, pics like that just make me smile! :)

    xx xx

  16. I made an audible "awwwwwwwwh" sound the whole time I was reading this post. Pugs are adorable! <3

  17. :O I want a pug.
    the black one wearing pink is the best!!! lovely blog btw. xx

  18. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! When my dream comes true of owning a pug, I hope we get invited to pug parties!

    Lorren xx



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