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WELL WELL WELL. what a terrible week i've had, glad it's over etc etc. it subsequently meant no blog posts. wah wah. i'm currently on a mission to find a new job, ever since i had to literally prove my jeans weren't leggings on dress down friday. (yes, SERIOUSLY.) one good thing that did come of my week was the groupon body shop offer - pay £12 for a £30 voucher.. i don't even shop at body shop normally but decided to give it a go!

i didn't really know what i wanted when i bought the voucher, but i figured i needed new skincare stuff so may as well branch out a little.. i bought an exfoliator, toner and day moisturiser from the seaweed range upon recommendation from the very helpful sales assistant! i haven't used them long enough to comment on how they work, but they seem to be doing their job. TIME WILL TELL. or something.

i was going to leave it at that and buy some cheap things to make up the rest of the money until i remembered about the limited edition makeup range which gem mentioned. i bought the illuminating face base and tailored cheek tint - not sure if the products are limited edition or just the packaging? anyway i was a bit scared of the face base because i swear it made me look like a little orange when i first applied it! but underneath/on top of foundation it is rather lovely. i fully recommend the cheek tint, it's a clear gel which turns the right shade of pink for your skin tone, so kind of like the barry m touch of magic lip paint for your cheeks. it's a really vibrant pink on me (just like the lipstick!), and blends really well into the skin.

so because i'd spent over a certain amount on skincare, £10 more than the voucher, and bought 2 makeup products i got these items FREE. i like free things. i couldn't decide which flavour body butter to get at all, but settled for lemon in the end.. the other flavours kind of made me feel sick. especially the coconut, which is apparently a favourite. urgh! i can just about get away with the lemon though. smells.... fresh.

i've just bought another groupon voucher for a full set of individual nouveau eyelash extensions for £24 instead of £60. i'm a little apprehensive about it really - i haven't heard the best reviews but i've been tempted to try them for a while.. so even if they don't work out so well, at least i didn't pay full price? god my logic is ridiculous.

i will leave you with this picture of our beautifully decorated cupcakes from last weekend. yes david, you did the best one :)


  1. I'm gutted I didn't jump in on this groupon action now.

  2. oh that sucks that you had to prove you werent wearing leggings :-0 anyway am loving your Top girly P.S posing that on monday tmrw :-)

  3. Your leggings/jeans fiasco sounds so ridic - def time for a new job!

    I wish I'd got that groupon offer now - seen so many things I want! xx

  4. I actually work at The Body Shop and we have had bazillions of these groupon vouchers in! They are a good offer though, I'd never heard of Groupon before but i registered with them last night!
    The seaweed range is fab I use all of the products in that range and I swear by them :)
    All of the london college of fashion make-up items are a limited edition too so they won't be around for long, I really like the cheek tint so hopefully they will keep it on forever :)
    Rachelle xxx

  5. Oh how beautiful those cupcakes are, I adore them.
    And as if you had to prove that your jeans weren't leggings...that is disgusting! I'm handing my letter of resignation in tomorrow, wish me luck!!

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  6. god that's ridiculous, defo a sign that the job isn't for you! cupcakes look amazing, i need to try silicone cases!! xxx

  7. i can't believe you had to prove your jeans weren't leggings - CRAZY! i bought that groupon voucher too and am going to go and spend it tomorrow, i've not got any idea what i want to buy yet either :) xx

  8. Great buys the seaweed range is great!
    Yummy cakes xx

  9. Love the cape blouse. I've been eyeing it up for a while - looks fab on you. I've never used groupon but think I need to give it a go! I love the body butters especially all the ott fragrances like cocoa and brazil nut, complete opposite tastes :)

  10. I've used that body shop skincare for about 6 months and I love it :) xx

  11. love the blouse!

    The Flower Girl


  12. a woman in work had those eyelash extension things done, they looked really great actually! groupon can get addictive cos you think you're saving money but you buy more things you didn't actually need in the first place lol.

  13. Yessss look at our cupcakes they are amaze, i'd def go for silicone cases because they hold their shape and they take two seconds to wash! p.s Klee stop spending alllll your wages on stuff.

    love holly x

    p.p.s nanna buying me massive cupcake thing tomorrow. mams birthday on thurs so am making one. could be a disaster. will tell all about it.

  14. Your outfit looks so pretty. And oh my god i want to eat those cupcakes!!!

  15. Wow, those cupcakes look amazing! V.artistic, haha!:') +love all you bodyshop buys-the lemon body butter is so nice!x

  16. i love your shirt! i want it :)
    also..those cupcakes....just yum!


  17. I was actually eyeing up that Topshop cape/blouse the other day! Looks fab on you though :) x

  18. Thanks for the comments. Those cupcakes look gorgeous! I need one now :O xx


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