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yesterday was my niece's birthday! she's twelve now, so grown up. i was eleven when she was born, and i still remember her being a baby. my sister told me she was pregnant before anyone else, and i felt so special and trusted. i didn't tell a soul, either! isn't her pauls boutique cake amazing? it's all glittery and cute. the detail is incredible. the football t-shirt cake is my nephews, who is six next week. he's having his birthday party at the weekend though! i'm looking forward to it, mainly because i love tea parties. there should be more of them for sure.

this is my face today! not very exciting but i've discovered a new foundation routine. i mix a tiny bit of doublewear with benefit you rebel lite aaaaand.. this is the end result. i'm finding doublewear a little too heavy right now, and you rebel too light on it's own so figured why not mix them together?! i was really surprised at how well it worked actually. i love it because you get the coverage of doublewear but with the dewiness of the moisturiser. hurrah no flat face! i'm also wearing the love of my life, aka mighty aphrodite blush and the emancipation gloss from the wonder woman collection.

this morning i quickly (quickly being keyword) painted my nails red with glittery tips since it's red nose day! speaking of red nose day i still need to donate, eep. i'll probably do that later since i have no other plans other than watching comic relief all night.


  1. I am seriously jealous of your complexion. You look fab.
    Thank you for your lovely comment. Please feel free to follow, you will be very welcome. Now following you :)

  2. you have such seriously flawless skin, envy!

  3. awww happy bday to ya niece :D uumm those cakes yum.. your pic is soo pretty x

  4. Ooh I'm definitely going to try this with doublewear and some tinted moisturiser. Thats all yourebel is, right? I've got lancomes and pouts, so that'll do!! :D

    Thanks for that little heads up!

  5. You wear your make up really well!
    The cakes looks super scrummy!


  6. those cakes look so yummy and scrumptious!

    hope you'll visit/follow

  7. i really like the brown cardigan ... and what a cute dog .... arrrrr i could cuddle my scene...hey super blogger...i have changed my blog address

  8. your make up looks so so good! :)


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