sunday night and i can't sleep, nor do i feel tired. typical really. the only logical thing to do is paint my nails.. right. i used an urban decay polish in cult. i've had this polish for ages but kind of neglected it. i'm not sure why because it's an amazing colour! this is a really rubbish photograph (obviously, it's past midnight) but it's a beautiful green foil which reflects gold in the light. i actually really like urban decay nail polishes, they apply so smoothly and dry insanely quick. must buy more.

whilst i'm here, and wide awake i thought i'd share my first week of project 365

002/365. manors metro station - worst metro station ever. it's so creepy and dull and unfortunately where i have to go every day to get to work. on this particular day a charv had been kicked out of monument metro (stop before this one) for smoking. he left whilst shouting abuse at the staff and told one man to get to the gym because he was fat. as i was walking out of manors he pegged it down the stairs past me, to catch the same metro he'd been thrown off merely 3 minutes before. love a good charv story.

003/365. washing up on women's day. spent the day at work talking about pancakes and being told to get back in the kitchen. the joy of working with men.

004/365 flowers in the window and fake ones at that. it was a bad day.

005/365 lola & jimmy, my favourites at the moment. jimmy is my newest love but lola will always have a special place in my heart. somewhere near daisy.

006/365 marc jacobs watch. my dad bought me this last year and i feel naked if i don't wear it. it's the only watch i've ever owned apart from a barbie one when i was little. even though the clock face is so small i can barely make out the time, it's special.

007/365 pug mess. sometimes louie is really naughty and does the strangest things. his expression may appear that he is an innocent bystander to the messy floor incident but i can assure you but two seconds before this was taken he had stood in his food bowl, scared everyone half to death and created this.

008/365. kind of right now. i hate how messy my desktop is. i keep creating folders and shoving everything in there - i've literally done this since june of last year and i just can't be bothered to go through almost a years full of crap. i never used to be like this.


  1. I love these photos and laughed at the chav story :)
    Thank you so much for your comment and I love that nail colour (I'm on a nail vanish buying band haha) have so much I need to use. AWWW the pug :) I want one xxx

  2. Oh I love that colour, such green goodness.

    Chav stories are the best.

  3. Ooh what a fab nail colour-love my sparkly nail polishes at the mo!
    I really want to start the '365 project' How have you found it so far?
    Your Pug is adorable I love his expression in the photo it's totally like 'what's gone on here!?'
    Rachelle xxx

  4. I never even knew urban decay did nail polish :) its pretty! Love having a wee nosy into posts like this, project 365's always make me smile. I know what you mean about having a messy desktop, I'm a bit ocd over all the files and folders in my macbook xx

  5. That nail varnish is so pretty! I really love the pug photo too - pictures of pooches always make me melt a bit inside :)

  6. your dog is so darn cute that my heart hurts. i have a pug too and his name is louis too... pretty random, huh

  7. Hehehe - love this! Especially the photo of Louie. Too cute! Bless him. <3 x

  8. Aww your pug is sooo cute!! I want one so badly. Thank you for your lovely comment. Your blog is fab. xx

  9. aaw your dog is such a cutie!
    My dog jumped up and grabbed my chicken drumstick yesterday, had the whole thing hanging out of her mouth!! haha she's so naughty xx


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