dear mother nature,

firstly, my thoughts (and if i prayed, prayers) are with japan today. i just.. have no words. i just felt it strange to blog normally without taking a second to mention the real world. it's so sad that these things are happening, i know they can't be controlled and i think that makes it a million times scarier. mother nature if you're reading my blog, please play nice.


estee lauder doublewear (shell)
mac msf natural (light)
mac pink power msf
mac spiked eyebrow pencil
urban decay naked/buck/virgin (LOL what a combination of names)
illamasqua precision ink liner
l'oreal telescopic mascara
revlon cherries in the snow lipstick

thought i'd share a fotd, which has been the makeup i've been wearing all week. it's also really simple and quick to do, which is a necessity since i leave it until the very last second to get out of bed in the mornings. again, bad week at work which has resulted in no blogging. i actually have next week off, to try and sort myself out a little which will mean more time for blog posts! excellent. had a bit of a breakdown yesterday - really need to figure out what i want to do. i keep thinking "well it's okay, i've just graduated" .... except really, i finished university almost a year ago with nothing but general admin work to show for it. it's terrifying to think i could be stuck in an office for the rest of my life.

i'm still doing well with project 365 i've only been going a few days but i thought i would have given up by now! has anyone else done it? completed it?

ps, i've mentioned this on twitter but if any of you ladies are in london or around, please please consider helping this little pug / pass on the link to someone who could. makes me so sad to think of him unloved :( i wish i was still living down south, i'd adopt him in a heartbeat!


  1. You're so good with makeup, lovely pics. Aww that poor pug, I wish I could have him x

  2. Beautiful make-up that cherry lipstick really suits you!

    Aww that poor puggie! I am desperate for a pug but my flat is so small, plus I am still a student so sadly can't afford one! I hope he finds a home soon poor little thing. Will include him in my next blog post unless someone has adopted him by then.

    Just noticed you are on twitter so have added you!


  3. I really love how you've done your make-up here! I love the colour of the lips:) I wish I could afford Mac make-up...Urban Decay is my limit!

  4. You look stunning
    and thanks for your comment, I'm going to look in to an e-isa x

  5. Lol at the Urban Decay names :P
    Lovely lip colour, wish I was brave enough for it!

  6. cherries in the snow looks so gorgeous :)
    I'm definately going to be picking that up soon!! x

  7. Beautiful make up! You look lovely :)
    and Elmo is adorable :( I've always wanted a pug and wish I could call him mine,

    Rosie x

  8. Great look!

  9. your make up looks gorgeous, that lip colour suits you perfectly! gosh i nearly blubbed reading about poor little elmo, i'm desperate for a pug and they're pretty hard to come by at rescue centres! but i don't have the time or money to really look after the poor little thing, lovely of you to spread the word about him!xx

  10. You look gorgeous lady! P.s I love pug dogs! I want one desperately :-D love your blog I am new to it xxxxxxxx

  11. your make up really does look gorgeous! x x x

  12. I think you will want to put a twitter button to your blog. Just bookmarked the site, although I had to make this manually. Simply my $.02 :)


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