left a good job in the city

benefit you rebel lite / estee lauder doublewear
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illamasqua lipstick in wanton

hiya! today is a good day - i have officially left my job. technically i should be kinda worried about money and living but i'm just so relieved not to have to go back there. i've thought about it a lot and figured it wasn't worth being so miserable for. so today marks the day where i officially attempt to sort my life out. i've been saying it for ages, but today i'm starting, for real.

primark playsuit
new look cardigan

this is what i wore to celebrate. it's wonderful not having to think about what i wear and if it's "appropriate" or not. i've had this playsuit for ages but it's still one of my favourites! it's so comfortable but of course is incredibly annoying when you need to pee. i know we've all been there. the weather has been so good lately, i don't think i've worn a proper coat in at least a week.. ha. more please.

kate kanzier shoes

i never really think about what shoes i wear, as weird as that sounds?! i usually just wear whatever i can find. i have the tendency to buy shoes and NEVER wear them. like these, for example. i bought them last year and never got round to wearing them! i contemplated selling them but i'm glad i didn't because they're quite cute for summer.

it's my nephews birthday, can't believe he's six already! he had a football party yesterday, which was... fun. well for him it was. my idea of fun doesn't involve screaming children nor does it involve footballs flying over my head. the tea party bit was good though. SO MUCH CAKE.



  1. go you!
    im really happy for you! :)
    i'm on the verge of being sacked because i'm always stuck in traffic due tosome shit roadworks on the way.. i dont know what id do without my job :s
    id be quite scared...
    i love the shoes! they are soooo summery and girlie!
    i wish you so much luck for your future :):):)

  2. Oh wow, I love this dress and the shoes look so pretty!!:D

    Thanks for your comment:D Hope you're gonna stop by soon again;)


  3. Congrats on leaving your job. Sometimes you have to do what is right for you even if it seems crazy at the time. I did the same in December and it felt so liberating!

    I saw two lovely playsuits in Primark today but don't have the guts to wear them, yours looks lovely on you :)

  4. You sounds so liberated so it was obvs the right choice to leave your job! You're right not to worry too much, just enjoy the time you've got on your hands now!
    You look gorge by the way! That blush looks lovely on you! xx

  5. Love your outfit, and your shoes are gorgeous! Cake. Yum. :) x

  6. Good luck for the future hun! Love your make up in the first pic xx

  7. well done for leaving your job. I quit mine Nov 09 without having another one to go into. Everyone thought I was crazy at the time but over a year later I am beyond happy in my job and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
    Sometimes you have to things that are right for you - you'll be in another one in no time if you are determined enough - lifes to short to stay in things that dont make you happy xx

  8. My playsuit from Primark is very similar to yours and I blogged about it a week or two ago. Lovely post - your very pretty :)

  9. I had to follow you when I saw how lovely that playsuit is! I see loads of people blogging about good finds in Primark, I think I need to take a trip to my local one! x

  10. Lovelove your lip and cheek colour! Eep, well done for leaving your job, it was definitely the right decision if it made you miserable sweet. Gorgey playsuit, I can't even afford Primark at the moment, ha! Looks just perfect for Spring with your shoes. xxx

  11. you look so pretty klee :)
    good luck with ur future plan!!! was your job so terrible/boring?? what are you going to do now? xx

  12. Love your shoes!
    Lol at your little Hollister story/comment - I can't believe everyone raves about it!

  13. Those shoes are adorable. I did exactly the same thing last year, it was scary at the time... and I had to get a crappy waitressing job to fill the gap but I couldn't be happier now.. so I have all my fingers crossed for you! x

  14. love your playsuit! I never give shoes much thought, I don't own many though.
    Love your attitude!

  15. YAY for leaving your job. I handed in my notice for work too. I have another one lined up but I dont start working for a while but like you, i just couldnt work there any longer. I'm gonna be seriously skint but I guess I'd rather be that than miserable! Hope it all works out for you

  16. I love those shoes! I want, I want xo.

  17. Those shoes are cute! Check out one of my latest posts, about a pair of KG sandals, very similiar to these pumps! xo


    J'adoooore! Damn! Cute as hell.

    Following, you - you with your lovely outfits!


  19. your playsuit is so gorgeous! and your eyes are such a pretty colour! x


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