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so i obviously jumped on the wonder woman bandwagon! when i was looking at swatches and pictures online before the launch i can't say anything really stood out to me.. yet i still managed to spend over £60? wow, way to go. dread to think the amount i would have spent had i fallen in love with it (!)

what i bought take one. gracefully ruined by a pug under the table. thought i'd share it anyway.

what i bought take two. much better. i got the pink power msf, emancipation lipglass and mighty aphrodite blush duo. i bought these on thursday in my lunch hour, when i got home thursday evening i realised pink power was SMASHED. i was gutted! took it back friday and exchanged it for a new one though, thankfully. i actually love how huge the msf is - i just wish it had a mirror inside! although i've heard complaints on how big it is for travelling i think its perfect really - bronzer, blusher, highlighter in one so you don't need to carry three separate items.
i didn't really intend to buy the lipglass, it kind of just happened. it's such a lovely nude pink and.. i don't even usually wear gloss. i've been wearing it over creme d'nude, myth and angel and it's AMAZING. the wand is absolutely made for giants and is incredibly difficult to pull out (errr..) but i'm glad i bought it. none of the lipsticks really stood out to me?!
as for mighty aphrodite.. well. i have a lot of blushers but it's not often i fall in love with one. (i think the last blush i properly fell in love with besides nars orgasm was tippy from the hello kitty collection) HOWEVER. i have found a new love. it's beautiful. it's everything i want in a blush! when i was returning my faulty msf i was going to buy a backup but both counters in newcastle had sold out already!

i was going to do swatches and whatnot but there's not much point considering they're everywhere! so instead i'm going to take a detour from makeup and talk about nails. in particular MARBLE NAILS. ooh. there was a little section in look magazine on how to do this, and it looked nice so i thought.. WHY NOT.

here's what you'll need - nail varnish remover and cotton buds (very important), some nail polish of your choice and a bowl of water. i used an old tupperware box as not to ruin anything! start by applying a base coat and a light first coloured coat of polish. i just used a white (not pictured)

next, add drops of your chosen colours into the water and mix them together. i just swished the box around a bit because i couldn't find anything to stir it with, oops. works just as good though! and now for the fun bit.. which i don't have pictures of unfortunately. (you'll understand why, if you've done it..!) basically just dip your fingers in. be warned that you will make a complete mess. it won't just be your fingernails that are marbled, it will be your entire fingers. i tried doing one at a time, dipping in, cleaning then onto the next but by the time i'd cleaned up the mixture had dried together. SO just deal with the mess and spend some time afterwards cleaning up. after you've tided them up a bit, add a top coat and viola!

what do you think? yay or nay? i must say i tried this earlier on in the week with lighter colours and although it was probably a nicer effect, there wasn't much impact. i'd definitely recommend using a variety of shades rather than all light or all dark.

in other news today i started project 365 with my friend jackie so that should be fun. i'm hoping it'll make me take more photographs in general - it's depressing ever since starting/graduating my photography degree i've had no desire to take photographs like i used to.


  1. I'm so gutted I don't have a MAC counter anywhere near me, the blush looks amazing but I think it's sold out online, booo! Good luck with Project 365 sweet (: xx

  2. Nice nails, I tried the whole water marbling thing and failed miserably! x

  3. I was really gutted that the WW collection wasn't my colours at all, I couldn't justify just buying for the packaging!

  4. Those wonderwoman packagings are so pretty! I wish i had the money to buy MAC but oh well :).

  5. I'm gonna try it :D

  6. The MAC Products look amazing, i really like the blush, must check it out. Your nails look fab!!

    Sadie xx

  7. I wanted Aphrodite too but it was sold out when i went to get it, it's like £30 on ebay the thieves. I ordered the Villains one instead, it was out in America when I was there in November but i didn't realise it wasn't out here too.

    I just did the marble nails! A girl at work told me about it on Friday and I did it today then came on here and you'd done it tooo! Mint. Yours look much neater than mine as i can't be bothered to get all the bits of varnish off my fingers, haha.

    Looking forward to our 365s!! xx

  8. i LOVE the packaging but I just know I'm too fair for the collection :( xx

  9. ahhh i love the idea of having blusher bronzer and highlighter all in one! i still really want the eyeliner! love this post xx

  10. love this post and ooh i love the concept of marbled nails! lovely!

  11. Aw I'm so tempted to buy some Wonderwoman Mac Products.

    I'm just about to try marbling my nails, don't know whether to use pinks or purples??

  12. Your nails turned out gorgeous!
    I love MAC packaging a bit too much!


  13. aw i saw that marble nails thing in look mag!! must try this althou ive a feeling for me it will go horribly wrong!! but your looks great! :) x

  14. thanks for your advice darling! ithink ive defo made my mind up.. i just dont want to admit it yet! moving away from home is such a big step! and as its my second time.. i want it to be so much better than the 1st! ahaha
    im not overrrly keen on the new range.. id only buy it for the super nice packaging! maybe i might get a lipstick tho.. :B

  15. Sooooo jealous of your MAC purchases! They look awesome! x

  16. yey am so glad you like it :-) yeah the job is for one of their offices :D hahah you hate it thanks for the heads up hehehe x

  17. I walked past the MAC stand in selfridges recently and none of it really stood out too me, but I didn't look properly as I am broke ha! The ones you've showed here look lovely!

    Everything that is going on in Japan is crazy, cannot get my head round it.

    Your dogs really cute :)

    R x

  18. aw that last picture is so cute! :D xx


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