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i ordered a few things from elf last week when they had the 20% off promo. i'm not a HUGE fan of elf really - i mean, it's okay for the price but i haven't found any products i think are AMAZING or anything. anyway i'm always a sucker for discount codes and bargains so placed my order regardless. and here's what i bought! - contouring blush and bronzing powder, mineral infused face primer, angled foundation brush, tinted moisturiser and face kabuki brush.

my favourite thing i bought was the kabuki brush! it's seriously so SOFT and lovely. definitely worth the £3.50 or whatever they cost. i was fairly impressed with the primer too, works as a primer should. no complaints. the bottle looks really nice too, except.. it's... broke? already. the pump in theory is a brilliant idea, but a working pump is an even better idea, fyi elf.

the blush/bronzer is supposed to be a dupe for nars orgasm/laguna but.. i don't think it is at all really. the blush is too light and the bronzer too muddy. not comparing it to anything though? still nice. (this is quite a heavy swatch of the blush! but it can be built up)

now. the tinted moisturiser. i actually do quite like it. i think. i bought it in porcelain which i assume is the lightest shade, mainly because i've been wondering if i really need foundation or not. today i braved the world wearing only the tinted moisturiser, no foundation! it does even my skin out relatively well, but i just feel really naked without anything else on. i do like the idea of wearing less makeup though with summer coming up so... watch this space! what makeup do you wear in summer?

did anyone else make an order with elf last week? if you missed the code there's 20% off studio products (the only ones worth buying, imo) with the code STUDIOSAVE.


  1. I have been contemplating buying the tinted moisturiser and I think I might try it with with that code :)
    and I agree, their Kabuki brushes are sooo soft! :) xx

  2. I really wanna try some things from elf! Looks really good!! xxx

  3. i bought the tinted moisturiser too and i like it but i feel too naked without my usual doublewear. :( i really like having a medium/heavy coverage. xx

  4. your little pug below is the cutest thing ever!! i have two pugs and i can never get them to sit for a photo!! love the elf product review ive never tried any of their stuff, xo

  5. ah i just recieved an ELF delivery today of brushes, eyelashes and I may have to buy more now I've seen the code!! Oh dear! xoxo

    make up looks lovely btw :)

  6. Your skin...! Ahaha I know I should be commenting on elf make up, and such, but... your skin...! * O * It's really, reallyyy beautiful...! ♥

    Hmmm, as for make up I wear... just some concealer (CoverGirl&Olay) and my red lipstick!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  7. Does the tinted moisturiser give a decent cover? Yipee for acne! Also, do you know if its oil or water based? :D

    Definitely will be ordering kabuki next time, thank you :D xx

  8. might look into that blush bronzer, it looks good even if its not a great dupe of the nars. i bought the tinted moisturiser, eyeshadow pallette and an eyeliner brush last week from elf.

    love the brush, stays in shape and easy to clean etc and the tinted moisturiser is good, but i have to be careful with it cause it find it quite sticky? so need a good light to make sure ive applied it evenly.

    cant knock elf for prices though! and the eyeshadows are so so good, i paid £6 for the palette & it has 12 shadows, 2 cream shadows, 2 brushes and an eyeliner pencil! xx


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