my longest lashes!

so i've heard good things about this mascara, and being the mascara fiend i am i decided to buy it and see if it does live up to the hype or not. prestige 'my longest lashes' claims to provide instant length and enhancing lift effect, nourish and moisturise for longer looking lashes with a precision brush for perfect definition and amazing length. i know we've all heard that before, with pretty much every mascara ever. mascara advertisements are one of my biggest hates - we can ALL get amazing lashes with inserts or full on fake lashes!?!

HOWEVER. i do actually believe that this mascara does all the things it claims to do. it doesn't give the best volume, or curl but it doesn't claim to do those things. it does lengthen my lashes, really really well. (i always curl my lashes anyway which definitely works better than hoping your mascara will do it.)

nars sheer glow
nars orgasm blush
illamasqua precision ink liner
prestige my longest lashes mascara
mac cut a caper lipstick
(particularly enjoying how much darker one eyebrow is, bad times!)

i applied two coats to the top and one to the bottom. the most important thing was to let the first coat dry, i'm usually really impatient and don't always do that, oops! with one coat they look more natural, but.. i'm not one for natural looking lashes. i just don't see the point!

i've been using this for a week now, and i've had no smudges or problems removing it so it's a winner for me. and the best part.. it's only £6.99. you really can't go wrong.

has anyone else tried it? what mascara do you swear by?


  1. Just found your blog - loving the snap of your pug a couple of posts below! I've just moved into a new house and the other half has said I can get a pug now we have a garden and lots of space for him to waddle around in! Will have to check out this mascara; your makeup looks really lovely!

  2. That lipstick looks amazing on you! Want!

  3. I'm on the lookout for a new mascara so this is going on the list! I don't really have one that I swear by, my lashes seem to get immune to the effects if I buy a repeat of a previous favourite...odd, me? Never!

  4. I've always been a Maybelline fan, especially that white-then-black one (the name escapes me now - XXL something?). I'll try out a different mascara inbetween, but always seem to come back to that. This one does look good though!

  5. This mascara actually looks beautiful & compliments your eyes really well.

    I'm always too impatient to wait for mine to dry as well!

  6. I feel pretty lucky to have naturally curly and relatively full lashes so I only use mascara to darken them. I use a rimmel mascara but it does clump terribly. Your lashes look AMAZING x

  7. woooow your eyelashes look well long, thanks for the review cause I really wanna go buy it now :D

  8. Your eyelashes look amazing, I think I'll be trying this out soon! I swear by Maybelline False Lash or whatever the pink one is called, and I'm loving my Clinique High Impact mascara too x

  9. I've been wearing lancome hypnose drama lately, I really like it. I'm not much of a mascara person though because I always want to rub my eyes hehe

  10. Love your lipstick! I will have to try this mascara. It sounds good.

  11. I actually really like the look of that! Looks amazing :) might have to give it a go,

    Rosie x

  12. Love the collar of your dress.
    And your dog is SO cute <3333


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