pop, pop, popping, dropping, dropping low

009-018 of project 365

009/365 - louie pug napping on my door step. he really suffers in the heat, he hates it! pants like a bitch. (he's definitely a boy though)

010/365 - crazy how dramatically the weather changed. i took louie to the vets because he kept winking at me. turns out he had a small ulcer in his eye which resulted in ridiculously expensive eye drops and painkillers. he's worth it though.

011/365 - my dad felt sorry for louie so bought him a new hoody. he loves it. PUG X LIFE. realised project 365 will probably be about my dog. i'm fine with it.

012/365 - birthday girl! st patricks day and my nieces birthday. she had a great day!

013/365 - the weekend involved painting the house. it was awful and the paint fumes made my eyes BURN. same again next weekend. dreading it.

014/365 - ichatting and including screenshots because i well and truly forgot that day. my bad!

015/365 - olivers football birthday party. fully enjoyed by all. (mainly for the cake)

016/365 - pughugged the day a way.

017/365 - back to bright skies again. things are looking up.

018/365 - lace peter pan collar vintage jumper! arrived today. so lovely, will most likely be making a debut in an outfit post soon.


  1. Cute pug!
    Looking forward to the Peter Pan lace collar outfit post :) x

  2. Love updates like this missy :) xx

  3. Love updates like this missy :) x

  4. great post :)

  5. hope louie feels better soon, he's super cute :) x

  6. Such lovely photos - the pug is adorable!!

    KF x

  7. lovely pics, jumper is gorgeous! I can't wait til I have money and a house so I can have pug! xx

  8. Cute dog hoody! Our dog loves his jacket! Love the vintage lace collar :)

  9. Haiii, where do you live so I can come and steal your beautiful little pug? I'm so jealous, I've always wanted one! xx

  10. Awwwhhh so cute! I'm a cat person but I desperately want a pug. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

  11. Nice photos!And got to say you look so beautiful at the photos of the previous post!

  12. Lovely photos :) and Louie is just precious. I want a pug so badly!

    Rosie x

  13. ahh your dog is the cutest!:) fun post.

  14. Lovely photos :D cute little doggy and i like the foggy second photo!

  15. omg your pug is so cute! When we go party our pups can be mates haha xo.

  16. looove your dog :) sooo cute..we love dogs :)
    xx the cookies visit us dear :) and share the feeling


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