summer dreaming

new look shirt
dorothy perkins jeans
primark sandals

another sunny day, definitely no coat weather. second day of sandals too! added a flower in my hair to embrace summer, or something. i don't know!

i was going to say thank god it's friday, but being unemployed it makes no difference to me what day it is now! i haven't fully lost my mind yet, and i'm still considering my options for what exactly i want to do, and what i CAN do. cor, the future is a scary thing isn't it?

spent most of my week trying to convince sam pepper to follow me on twitter, so far he's having none of it. don't worry though, i'm not through with trying. had an eventful night of sleep walking on wednesday night, apparently. i went and woke my mum up asking where louies (my dog) shoes were - her response at 3am was "louie doesn't even wear shoes". everyone was confused. i don't remember it at all! i have such creepy sleeping habits. has anyone else done it before?

woke up to an e-mail from nails inc this morning about their 5 for 10 offer, i missed it last time so obviously i bought some! seems to have disappeared now, so i guess they sold out? i hope i don't end up with rubbish colours! ooh anyway have a lovely weekend lovelies!


  1. beautiful blouse, really really suits you.
    ha my friend sleep walks, always ends up clearing out the fridge in his sleep and everyones baffled in the morning why theres no milk left!

  2. Lovely sandals! I want to get some like that for this summer :)
    I missed out on the Nails Inc - their FB page said they'd sold out. x

  3. I like your sandals, I can't wait to get my gladiator sandals out this weekend! I'll finally be in the official 'summery' state of mind x

  4. Great blog :) Def following you from now on. Nice to see an UK Blogger :D

    May I ask what lipstick you are wearing? Its gorgeous :)

  5. gutted I missed out on nails inc AGAIN.
    how stunning do you look? LOVE!

  6. The pussy bow blouse looks gorge, the colour's lovely too :)

  7. The blouse is so cute! Cannot believe them sandals are from primark either-when i first looked at them i though 'no way i'll be able to afford them' haha!
    Sleepwalking sounds so strange, hope your well lovely!x

  8. i love that shirt you look so cute! xx

  9. you look lovely. your pink bow top is so cute!

  10. thankyou for the nice comments :) x

    @tugba, lipstick is mac girl about town!


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