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vintage batwing jumper
zara skirt
vintage belt
marc jacobs watch

hello hangover face. not sure why i feel the need to do outfit posts on hangover days?! definitely had one cocktail too many last night. worth the pain though, it was a good night!

still enjoying the warm weather! surprising for the north of england really. (lol wrote that half an hour ago, it's pissing down now. that's more like it.) anyway this is my new (well not really new) jumper i mentioned in a previous post - erm, how wonderful is the collar!? so nice. although i think it'll be nicer in the winter, it's super light so easy enough to wear in the 'heat' too. i've had this skirt from zara for ages but i think i only like it because it has pockets. it's the little things.

louie pug has an appointment at the vets soon so that should be fun.. not. he hates going because he knows it usually ends up in some kind of injection/being prodded at. he's just having a checkup to see if his eyes are better, which i'm pretty sure they are now thanks to his £50 eyedrops. /bitter ..dreading going, probably going to cost me another small fortune.

my nails from a few days ago! i used models own nude beige which is my favourite colour ever, added a little of pink fizz which is another favourite. i just can't bare having full on glitter nails lately, i die inside every time i have to battle to take it off. i've heard about the tin foil method but i HATE the feeling of tin foil so i'll just suffer in silence. or something.


  1. OOOOO i am in love with this outfit!! The jumper is beautiful!!

    Oh gosh pets are pricey my cat last year cost me £1300!! but i love him sooo much so it was worth it haha!

    Gorgeous nails xx

  2. THAT COLLAR! wow! loveeee it! your nails are lovely too, the colours compliment each other so well xx

  3. love that collar! the lace is such a nice touch. and fab nails aswell, that pink fizz looks sooo good xx

  4. I love your nails! I have nude beige too, I literally live in it and it goes with so many colours :)

    Sian xx

  5. Love the collar and the pattern on the skirt! <3

    Aww, more louie pug photos please! :D x

  6. that right there is what you call collar extravaganza! i love it!

  7. Love the collar!
    I also avoid glitter polish despite how pretty it look it is soooo annoying.

  8. gorgeous collar, love your nails too! xxx

  9. WOWZAA totally love the jumper! and your nails look amazing :) I really wish I had the patience to be creative with my nails but I just don't :(
    Rachelle xxx

  10. I LOVE that sweater, the collar is ace!

  11. you look fab in that outfit! the collar makes the top look super cooly vintage, love it!

  12. I LOVE POCKETS TOO! bit too excited but I know you'll appreciate my enthusiasm! x

  13. I'm so jealous of your watch, I've seen a lovely Marc Jacobs one on ASOS - they're just so expensive! x

  14. I love the outfit! And you don't look like you have a hangover AT ALL. when I wake up with a hangover I usually can't move my head left or right I have to move my entire body to look a certain way haha

  15. Your blouse is so wonderful and I love your nails!



  16. You blouse is so lovely. You look beautiful. I love your nails too.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway over on my blog. I hope you will come check it out. I would love for you to enter.


  17. I cannit even function on the day after a night before never mind man up and do an outfit post. Mass respect. That collar is friggan gorge. And those nails.

    Helen, X

  18. that skirts fit mate!
    im always pleasently suprised at what sweet things zara has, i bought some gorgeous floral pants last year that i still just loveeeeeeeeeee.
    my cats are the same! youd think for being such small things they would come cheap but the amount of injections and tablets they have both had recently! it costs a fortune! mini buggars!
    anywaysss hope your well :) i think i will put my money into a saving account.. and start selling more things on ebay! every little helps! xxxxxxxxxx

  19. Your nails look fab! My favourite shades are mushroom, nudes, clay colours etc. Always looks lovely.
    That collar is gorgeous too,

    Rosie x

  20. lovely outfit!! the details on the blouse is beautiful <3 and i love your nails!! i wish i was good at doing my own!!

  21. You look lovely :) I really lovely your nails that Models Own colour is so versatile and I wear it all the time!

    Maria xxx

  22. love love love your jumper, the collar is adorable! :)


  23. your nails are adorable - love the lace collar too!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  24. OOH I love the idea of that nail varnish - nude beige is my favourite too, definitely going to add a touch of glitter!! :D

    You look fab in all of these pics! Jealous! x

  25. Great outfit - I adore the top!
    And those nails are amazing...I'm terrible at painting mine! :)

    polkadotsandpinafores.blogspot.com x


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