five minute warning

nars sheer glow in mont blanc
mac msf natural in light
sleek contour kit in light
nars orgasm blush
illamasqua precision ink
clinique high impact mascara + mac eyelashes 2
mac all that glitters/espresso eyeshadows
mac hue lipstick

this was my face last night! i've realised my makeup routine is pretty much the same for day and night, i just add lashes.. oh well. i never usually wear nude lipsticks at night either, i always go for brights but we only went down t'pub so i didn't want to be too overdone! the fringe also came out because i had wonky eyebrows. excellent.

had to sit through the most awkward 'comedian' who made jokes about barbie dolls and vaginas with a dodgy over exaggerated south shields accent. think someone should have reminded her she wasn't sarah millican. all in the aid of charity.. or something. the strawberry cider and RETRIEVER were good though, and that's all that matters.

thankyou all for your lovely comments on my last post about louie pug! he's doing much better now, i think his painkillers must have kicked in because he's back to his normal naughty self. he spent most of yesterday playing in my garden with his dad!

hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy all the bank holidays. i'm strangely really excited for the royal wedding, i can't be the only one surely!? i'm not sure why but i really quite like the royal family! i think my invite must have got lost in the post though.


  1. Love your make-up!

    Happy Easter, enjoy the wedding! x

  2. You look lovely! :) Argh I hate bad stand up, excruciating.. x

  3. here, indigestion is not funny!

  4. glad your dog is feeling better! your make up is lovely, I love that shade of lippy on you. I'm not too excited about the royal wedding, I'm getting old and cynical...

  5. wow your eyes are such a stunning colour!!!! x

  6. Your make-up looks lovely! I'm glad your dog is doing better, they both look so adorable in those photos. And bad stand up is so awkward to sit through aha. xx

  7. I love the colour of that lipstick, you look gorgeous!

  8. OMG wow your eyes :& gorgeous x

  9. Make-up is beautiful! So are the dogs! So awkward when you really don't find comedians funny!! I hate it. xxx

  10. Wow, look at your EYELASHES! Gorgeous!

  11. Aww I hope Louie is feeling better, the playful pup pictures are so cute/ Strawberry cider always calls for good times :) Your makeup is flawless as always, gooorgeous! Hope youve had a nice easter weekend lady xx

  12. Your makeup is so pretty! And I WANT THAT PUG! <3

    Maria xxx


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