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sick puppy is sick. he's had an ulcer in his eye for a while, he's on his second dose of eye drops and antibiotics. poor boy! i'm going to have to rename my savings to 'vet bills' i think. he has to go back in two weeks time, so hopefully he'll be okay! he's come around a bit now but yesterday he was so sad, i even had to carry him to the vet. WAH.

as you might have guessed by now, i'm pretty obsessed with foundation and finding the 'perfect' one. i always think i have it, and then i get bored or enticed in by something else.. i'm awful. this was on offer in boots a few weeks ago so i picked it up for a few pounds! looks quite horrifically orange in the bottle, even though it's the lightest shade.. which i think is 51? anyway i can reveal that it's not orange at all once applied.. hurrah!

elf mineralised infused primer
bourjois healthy mix foundation
sleek flamingo blush
mac msf soft and gentle
mac chatterbox lipstick
mac brule/espresso eyeshadows
makeup forever smoky lash mascara

i had to use flash with these because there isn't any natural light anymore, and i can't seem to be able to remember to take photographs during the day.. but nevermind. you get the idea. this is the only high street/'drugstore' (HATE THAT WORD) foundation i own, so i didn't have any expectations AT ALL. i am really impressed though! my only squabble is that by the end of the day it makes my nose flaky, which i've left for your viewing pleasure.. attractive, i know. i must say though this is one of the few foundations i've tried which really benefits from a primer. i'm just using a cheap elf one at the moment, but without it the foundation just doesn't sit right. overall though, definitely impressed and would definitely recommend. i'm particularly impressed with how well it's doing in this heatwave we're having?! no sweaty face over here!

i might have jumped on the leopard print nails bandwagon and attempted my own. not bad for a first attempt.. kind of. my friend even thought they were the primark nail foils.. i think she's easily impressed though. still a little bit obsessed with the models own gold, it's the most beautiful colour!


  1. Awhhh your puppy! I have a puppy to, well i say puppy...he's 7 months now and he's a beast, but he's quite sick and a problem with his hip. Breaks my heart seeing him so sad!
    Hope yours gets well soon!
    I've tried the Bourgoeis foundation to, it was a little to dark for me, but loved the texture and smell of it.

  2. aww no sorry to hear about your puppy :( hope he feels better soon

    I have the m.o Gold - It's amaze. You look lovely in the pics :o)


  3. Hope your puppy gets better soon, he is SO cute!! Your skin is amzing too, i might have to try that foundation xxx

  4. Aww I hope your puppy gets better soon :( He's too cute.
    I want your nails!

  5. Awww poor pup. :( Hope he's okay. Can I send him some treats? <3 x

  6. Aw bless, that first picture is so cute, get well soon pooch!

    I've been wondering about that foundation for AGES, I think i'll give it a miss purely for the flaky nose thing, I get that a lot! Plus I have about 589549835 already!

    Sarah x

  7. oh your poor puppy, how sed to feel so ill. Tell me about vets bills, sh****t they cost a bomb!!

  8. Puppy! I want to squeeze him, hope he feels lots better soon, for his (and you bank balances) sake! x

  9. omg your nails are amazing!!! Sweet dog :-)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  10. cute nailpolish! and your puppy is adorable, hope he gets well soon!

  11. Ohhhh! I hope your puppy will feel well as soon as posible! He is so adorable!
    Gosh, your make up is so fabulouse and I so love your nails - so amazing!

    Happy Easters to You and your family!!!

    xoxo Ra

  12. Aww, I hope your puppy is feeling better soon! :(
    That foundation looks really nice on. I need a new one soon, so will definitely have a look at that one next time I'm in Boots!

  13. What a incredibly darling pooch, give him a kiss and cuddle from me, poor little thing!! I hope he feels better soon, the nails are lovely ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  14. Agree that gold nail varnish is lush! how did you do the leopard print nails by the way?? and I hope your puppy gets better soon :)

  15. I bought the same foundation the other day and had no expectations at all, but I really like it! I hope your puppy is feeling better soon, bless him!


  16. Please come and do my nails. Thanks!

    Hope Pup feels better soon x

  17. Awww what a cute puppy! Hope the little darling feels better soon. Your nails are adorable and I love your makeup too :) xo


  18. Arrrr your poor little puppy . You have ever such lovely skin my love xx

  19. Oh no, get better soon sick puppy :( he is just so gorgeous.
    And your make-up and nails look fab!

    Rosie x

  20. I love the look of your leopard print naIls!
    And my best wishes to you as I hope your adorable puppy feels well soon:)
    Happy Good Friday/Easter long weekend!

  21. Oh! Your puppy is ADORABLE. Hope he's feeling better soon.

    Lovely nails, they look brilliant x

  22. your nude make up look is lovely! i've always wanted to try it, your skins looks really good too, i need decent make up in my life! haha love you blog :)

    aroselikethis.blogspot.com xx


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