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tomorrow is my mum AND sisters birthday (so inconsiderate), i popped into town earlier this week to buy gifts and promised myself i wouldn't buy anything for myself. that.. didn't work out so well. i figured if i went to boots a few cheeky purchases wouldn't hurt, especially since they have 2 for 3 over all makeup. i got:

rimmel stay matte transparent powder
bourjois rose d'jor blush
natural collection lipstick in apple blossom

i was buying my sister something from mac and accidentally bought myself a cream colour base in pearl. oops. hate it when that happens. it's lovely though, probably my favourite cream highlighter. i considered buying a new studiofix powder but for some reason just couldn't justify the price - especially as i use it for touchups rather than a part of my routine. so i opted for the £3.99 rimmel version and i actually really like it! the packaging is a bit rubbish but it's very comparable to studiofix, i even find it doesn't cake as much. bonus!
there was really no need for me to buy the blush or lipstick, but they're pretty and they lured me in. the blush is gorgeous and smells nice. the lipstick on the other hand smells a bit funny and washes me out. it's a lovely pinky nude though, i think it's just too light for me.
i'd already been to superdrug (shh!) and bought l'oreal telescopic mascara and the maybelline eye studio gel liner. but they don't really count because i did need both a mascara and liner! getting on quite well with this gel one, i hated the mac version - probably because it dries out SO quickly? but the lid on this one is pretty great. the brush that comes with it is actually okay too, very surprised at that!

i seem to be enjoying 'drugstore' makeup recently, not sure if it's because i'm unemployed or if it's just generally improving? i mean with the likes of sleek, barry m and gosh you can't really go wrong can you? what are your favourites?

i also woke up to this e-mail the other week, laughed at how precise the times were?! between 14.27 and 15.27...!!??! anyway they didn't disappoint and my nails inc order arrived at 15.06.

chelsea bridge (uv top coat), hans road, palace mews, barnsbury road, chester square

i ordered from the 5 for £10 deal, the only draw back being you didn't get to choose which 5 you wanted. still worth the risk though, right? i love all the colours i was sent, but i already have dupes for ALL of them! not sure if that's a good or bad thing really, suppose it's good in the sense that they're definitely colours i'll wear..!

overall rather pleased with my new polishes, it makes me never want to pay full price for a nails inc polish ever again. (i probably won't)


  1. Lol at the delivery times!
    I've heard that the apple blossom lipstick is really good, I almost picked some up for myself the other day!

  2. The nail polishes look lovely! Chester Square is my favourite from Nails inc! xx

  3. I'm jealous of your Nails Inc haul! I bought the same lucky dip but was a bit disappointed with the colours they sent me. I got three pinks and reds, was expecting a little more variety. Can't complain too much though for the price! x

  4. I use Pearl CCB daily, cant live without it!

  5. ohhh and yes, I am now reminded that I really need to do my nails.

  6. I have Natural Collection Lipstick in Pink Mallow and love it, too bad they aren't available in Canada )=

  7. What a specific delivery time! But good they DID turn up :) I have that cream colour base in pearl, loves it muchly. I also swear by that rimmel powder! Also cant justify the price of the mac powder every single time when this one is actually pretty good. AAAAnd I won a couple of those natural collection lippies in a blog giveaway recently, and I am super impressed! We have pretty similar tastes in makeup my dear :) Youve got me lusting over nars sheer glow, I cant stop thinking about it and have hinted HEAVILY for my birthday! xx


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