motel/topshop dress
topshop denim jacket

haven't done an outfit post in a while, and i'm not really wearing anything exciting/new when i decide to do one.. oh well! today is my mum & sisters birthday AND the royal wedding. what a day for celebrating, eh? i wish i'd actually thought about what i was wearing today because the eiffel tower/french theme doesn't really go too well with my british nails..

YEAH i jumped on that bandwagon. this is my second attempt, my first smudged all over because i got bored waiting for them to dry. story of my life! spent most of this morning watching the wedding on tv, doesn't it make you proud to be british? i hate all these negi nancys whinging about the cost/their taxes.. this is history! amazing history. eat scones, drink some pimms and bloody well enjoy yourselves. have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. couldn't of said it better myself! Have a good one :o) xx

  2. yeah people need to chill out and enjoy it! bet they don't mind having the day off!! enjoy the rest of the day! i've been on the pimms since 10.

  3. Wasn't it a wonderful ceremony, I felt quite moved.

  4. wow love the nails! totally agree. have a good bank holiday weekend :D

  5. I'm in work gettinf triple pay, thanks Wills and Kate!

  6. Your nails look fab!
    Unfortunately it's raining here just now, but if it wasn't I would definitely be sitting outside with a glass of Pimms in my hand and some cucumber sandwiches haha!

  7. Rocking the union jack nails :)
    I really don't see why people moan about the wedding they got a day off work!

  8. Cool nails!


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