april faves babes

gosh darling lipstick
mac vegas volt lipstick
mac fix+
nars sheer glow foundation
models own jade stone
models own lilac dream
makeup forever smoky lash mascara
urban decay naked palette
mac porcelain pink msf
sleek contour kit

i think everyone knows how much i love nars sheer glow, so i won't go on about it again.. i will say though that i usually move on to different foundations pretty fast, but i always want to use this. i've been switching with bourjois healthy mix, mainly so i don't run out of sheer glow really quickly! as for fix+, i've used this forever as you can probably see from how much i have left.. i think i use it at least twice a day, every day. i mainly use it after i've powdered, to get rid of the 'powder' look. if i'm not going to powder, i use it underneath foundation as a base. and to freshen up through the day.. so many uses.
i've had these two models own polishes for a really long time, in fact lilac dream was my first ever models own polish. you'd think by now it'd be all gloopy and disgusting (i'm looking at you, barry m) but it's still perfect. hurrah! love these colours together, especially.
i go through phases of loving smoky lash, and really not bothering with it. apparently it's comparable to diorshow, but i really hate diorshow so.... i wouldn't say it's similar. it's definitely not as clumpy for a start. it has a huge brush which i was terrified of and expected to end up with one eyelash but it's pretty good for separating as well as massive amounts of volume. this is my second tube, and i'd probably buy it a lot more if it was cheaper! i hate spending loads of money on mascara because i go through them so quickly. to be fair though, i've had this tube a while and it hasn't dried up at all.

gosh darling
mac vegas volt
darling + vegas volt mixed

moving on to lipstick. these are two lipsticks i just don't get on with on their own, vegas volt especially. it's an amplified formula but it just doesn't feel that way to me? i don't know if i've just got a dodgy one or if they're all the same, but it just seems to sit on my lips really badly. amplified is my favourite mac formula so i was so disappointed with this when i first got it, and allowed it to disappear into my makeup bag for a long time unloved. gosh darling isn't so bad, it's a lovely formula, and so easy to wear.. i just find it a bit too light for me. with a light hand i can get away with it though. i'm determined to use up some makeup, especially stuff i don't wear often so i've been using gosh darling as a base, and lightly applying vegas volt over the top and i really love it! it definitely makes vegas volt a lot more wearable, both with the mix of formulas and colour.. i prefer it not as vibrant, i think.

the highlight on the sleek kit is one of my favourites ever, so so lovely. the contour powder is okay too, looks scary brown in the pan but applies nicely.. even to my deathly white face. porcelain pink.. my one true love. so beautiful. i'm starting to realise that as much as i love peachy blush, pink just suits me better. and pink with gold reflects, even better. it's so pretty on the skin, doesn't even look like powder.. just part of the skin? creepy but true.

and finally, my five most used eyeshadows. not just of april, probably of all time. i'm really not very adventurous with eyeshadow, i use these day and night. i much prefer to 'experiment' with lip/cheek colour than eyes! i think i'll forever be a neutral kind of girl, but i'm totally okay with that.


  1. Those models own shades look absolutely gooorge!


  2. That's such a good idea mixing Vegas Volt, I found that a bit dodge as well for me so I sold it! Wish I hadn't now :(

    I've been meaning to try that sleek kit but the thought of having a bit shit smudge up my face put me off, but as a fellow casper, if you can get away with it, then I might try it haha!

    People that can carry off bright eyeshadows are just WRONG...well that's what I've been consoling myself by saying for the past few years anyway because I can't move away from neutrals either, god love em!

    Wow, what an essay. Put it down to not commenting on here for a while. I'VE MISSED YOUR FACE BBS xx

  3. Such a good idea to mix the two lipsticks together, I should try that with some of mine !I love those eyeshadows too I really need to experiment more!

    Maria xxx

  4. Love the polish colours!
    I bought Blue Lagoon yesterday and it's fab, blue with a little shimmer. They are 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment xx

  5. I love Sheer Glow too! I'm lucky as the PRs at work gave me two bottles (to mix into a colour to match me) else I could never afford it! xx

  6. love the naked palette! i need one of these in my life :) x

  7. love the shades! naked palette is genius! also love the colour of the lippys combined

  8. What a great wee round up gal :) I have fix+, I used it when I went travelling to 'help my makeup last longer' during the hot days but I dunno if it made a difference. I have no idea what else to use it for! So spraying it on after I've powdered sounds like a good shout :) xx


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