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viktor and rolf flowerbomb
jimmy choo
marc jacobs lola
gucci rush

unlike cosmetics, i do tend to stick to what i know/love with perfume. i've been through numerous bottles of all of these apart from jimmy choo, but i definitely will repurchase! they're all pretty similar in terms of what the smell like - i'm not going to attempt to even describe them, but i'm sure if you like one of these you'd like the others too. it took me quite a while to fall in love with lola, i just preferred daisy for a long time but now i'd probably say i favour lola! ..that might be because for quite a massive period of time every girl wore daisy though. i think gucci rush was the first ever perfume i fell in love with, and the one i've bought over and over. i love that the packaging is plastic, means i can carry it around with me without having to worry!

i've already mentioned how similar flowerbomb and jimmy choo are, not just in appearance (you can't deny that!) but with how they actually smell too. it's uncanny. i don't know what it is but, there's just something about jimmy choo though. i find it heavier and a lot more long lasting than flowerbomb, and for that reason i tend to use flowerbomb through the day and jimmy choo at night.

what are your favourite perfumes?

ps, i started a TUMBLR to post photographs of louie. pretty sure my facebook/twitter friends get fed up of seeing his little pug face over and over, oops! as a result i need some tumblrs to follow please?


  1. I feel like some sort of louie-stalker now but how could anyone get fed up of his boootiful face?! :D

    My fave perfume is Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir. A woman sprayed it at me in Boots one day and I've been obsessed ever since! <3 x

  2. I used to have flowerbomb too, loved it! Then I had Chloe which I still love, and now I'm in between and unsure of what to buy next- been toying with Miss Dior Cherie for a while... xx

  3. I really really want to try Lola it looks lovely! I've alternated between Prada Milano and Prada L'aumbre for the past couple of years :) I also adore Opium by YSL


  4. Woooo, yeah I tend to stick to the same perfumes, the main ones being Marc Jacobs - Daisy, Paco Rabanne - Ultraviolet and Kate Moss - Vintage.
    Loooove Lola, really need to get me that too!

  5. William McCash19 May 2011 at 16:45

    i need a wee but i cant go cos its too close to the end of my shift

  6. I love the Ghost perfumes (the original and Sweetheart) and mainly use them but have recently bought Vera Wang Princess and it's yummy!

    I tested the MJ Lola recently and it's gorgeous, think it'll be next on my perfume list! :)

    Clare x

  7. I had a sample bottle of Jimmy Choo and loved it! It's so sweet and summery, needless to say I've put it on my birthday list!

  8. I feel like a traitor, but I prefer Lola over Daisy!

  9. My favourite perfume is Chloe by Chloe. It is absolutely gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  10. Ive wanted that Flowerbomb perfume for so long, its gorgeous! Didnt know it was more or less the same as Jimmy Choo though, good tip there. My favourite perfume ever has to be Paul Smith Rose, its just perfect! Xxx

  11. I would love to try flowerbomb, but I never ever buy perfume for myself. I am the same, I went for years wearing Ghost perfume but then I was bought Chanel Mademoiselle for Christmas & it beats every other perfume I've ever had!
    Rebecca x


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