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i think there's two types of people when it comes to buying beauty/makeup products - those who stick to what they know, and those who hate buying the same thing twice. i definitely fall into the latter. i absolutely detest buying the same product twice even if i know it works great, i just always think there must be something better? however there are a few products that, over the years, have became exceptions.

mac 'hue' lipstick
mac 'impassioned' lipstick
mac 'angel' lipstick
barry m 'touch of magic' lip paint
mac 'msf natural' light
l'oreal 'telescopic' mascara

i wouldn't even necessarily say these are my favourite products - but they are products that i've repurchased over and over, so perhaps they are! i HATE buying the mac lipsticks in particular, because there's always so many other colours i want. i think these are colours that i actually NEED rather than want though, as in i never feel satisfied after buying them because they're more of a necessity? oh lord i'm thinking about this way too much.

i've already raved about l'oreal telescopic mascara, it's the one i always have to have a tube of in my makeup bag. i always have about two or three mascaras on the go, i don't even know why because nothing ever beats this! same with the msf too, i'm always drawn in by other powders but never hit the pan on any of them.

hue, impassioned, angel, touch of magic

if you don't know what a 'touch of magic' is, you're probably thinking i'm a massive weirdo for being obsessed with green lipstick, and you wouldn't be alone. the amount of people who have looked at me in sheer horror when i've whipped this out on a night out is pretty high. anyway, it's a magic (like the name suggests..) formula which, depending on the level of alkali of your lips changes how deep the colour is. i remember when i first bought this and testing it on all my friends! it really does work - the range of colours varied from a deep red to a shocking pink, and seriously everything in between. on me it's a really bright deep pink, almost kind of red. i think this is my favourite because it's more of a lip stain, than a lipstick. supposedly it lasts 8 hours, but y'know, take these things with a pinch o'salt and that!

what kind of beauty buyer are you? are there any products you buy over and over?


  1. wow I really wanna try that green lipstick! x

  2. I'm totally the same! Even though I find mascara I love, I will still buy a different one when it runs out. I normally hate it, but I still want to try new ones all the time :)
    I love my Barry M touch of magic, I will be repurchasing it when it runs out xx

  3. Touch of magic sounds A-mazing !! I want it ! xx

  4. I love the green lipstick! Haven't purchased it for years though! Must remember to get it again when I get paid!

    I hate buying the same thing twice as well, and try not to but then the new thing I've bought won't be as good so i'll end up repurchasing anyway!

    This is why I own so many different foundations but only use one...

  5. Yep, totally wanting Touch of Magic now!! x

  6. I really wanted to try that Barry M lippie but keep forgetting to buy it! I have the Bourjois pink gloss which is supposed to do that but I think it just goes hot pink on everyone - lovely colour though! :) xxx

  7. Ok I HAVE to get that barry m lipstick now!

    I'm a makeup artist so have a huge kit and do like to try new products, but also have a few I constantly buy.
    One not so obvious is Covergirl mascara, I have always really rated their mascaras and every time I go to Canada or America I pick up some different ones. I've tried a whole bunch of them now and loved them all.

    It's funny how we all get set in our ways even if we do love to mix things up.

  8. I remember lipsticks like that knocking about in the 90's, I totally need to buy one!


  9. touch of magic and angel are two of my lip staples!

  10. oh my god, you're so right! i HATE buying the same things again and again. in fact, i never finish the original things in the first place... and then i'm onto bigger and better ones! - or, just anything with nice packaging.
    i also love barry m touch of magic, it makes my lips almost fluorescent pink! i've not seen it properly on anyone else so will be interesting to see the variation. and it so doesn't last 8 hours! haha, although, i did plaster myself in it on a night out and woke up the next morning with joker lips! yikes.

  11. I NEED that touch of magic lipstick

  12. oo I'll definitely have to check out the green one! Knowing my luck it'll be a bright red ;(

  13. If there's a sudden lack of Touch of Magic in shops you'll be to blame! I'm popping into town tomorrow and will have a look for it in Superdrug, it sounds really interesting.

    I tend to buy what I know when it comes to make up, it's only in the last couple of months that I've started being more adventerous and trying new products.

  14. I know I'm repeating everyone else but OMG i want touch of magic lipstick! Hello trip into town tomorrow!
    I've never found a shade that's quite right for me so maybe this will be the solution!
    I'm the same as you, everytime I need a new mascara/foundation/etc I will try something new, usually whatever's out at the time! I'm such a sucker for the tv ads! :) x

  15. I have the Barry M Touch of Magic lipstick but I don't use it as much as I'd like to as it looks almost neon on me )=

  16. Haha aww dude I saved this post in my tabs to comment on it today and last night I dreamt about that green lipstick! How random :p I know its not green, but in my dream it actually was. I seem to buy the same powder over and over (cant afford/justify the mac msf every time tho) but when it comes to foundation and mascara, I dont seem to have found 'the one' yet :( I felt like I had with estee lauder dwl, but now I'm not so sure! xx

  17. I'm the same as you, I usually buy something different every time but there are a couple of products that I buy over and over again. I'm especially bad with mascara, I have about 4 or 5 different kinds in my makeup bag just now yet the only one I use is my Max Factor False Lash Effect one!
    I've been meaning to buy that green Barry M lipstick for ages, will definitely have to have a look for it next time I'm shopping!


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