seem to have unintentionally abandoned my blog lately, not sure why. had quite an eventful week, accidentally met some boys from geordie shore, how hilarious do they look?! proper orange in real life. tried to stalk greg when he was dancing in his little vip area but he was having none of it. NEXT TIME EY. speaking of amazing reality tv, my beautiful friend livvy was busy being a trolley dolly when ARG from the only way is essex got on her flight!! (and lauren too, but ARG!) being the doll she is she told him all about me and my dreams of marrying him.. and made him sign a sick bag for me! my friends are amazing.

on saturday i went to green fest which.. really wasn't my cup of tea at all. consequently led me to drinking wine straight out of the bottle sat on the floor like a massive tramp. afterwards i went home, put some eyelashes on, drank more wine and headed back to the pub. which then led to stumbling home at 4am.

can't remember where anything i'm wearing is from BUT
asos feather clutch


  1. Excellent, wow they do look really orange!
    Awwww Arg!

  2. i love that second photo of ian. he looks mental.

  3. Hahaha sitting on the floor drinking straight from a wine bottle - Just like me!

    "How many glasses would you like with that?"
    "err, just a straw?!"

    Pahaha! You look fantastic btw, love your lippy x

  4. Ahaha your drunken antics always make me laugh! Lovely sick bag btw :D

  5. Haha, jel of you meeting the Geordie Shore lads-they may be orange + shallow but the accent makes up for it tehe! +you have the god that is Arg's signature-you've had a good couple of weeks;) Sounds like you had a good night out at Green Fest even if it wasnt your cup of tea;) Xxx

  6. Ha ha! I actually thought that the whole Geordie Shore was a joke until they actually started advertising it everywhere-- I thought they were making a parody! But it turns out it's real! At least they're not pulling a duck face!

  7. Ha, this sounds amazing! Your friend does sound truly wonderful too :)
    Looking lovely in both of your outfits.
    Thanks for your spiffing comment too!

    Rosie x

  8. Looks like you've had fun :)
    I have no idea who they are, but they do look orange lol

  9. Looks like fun! Love asos and love the animal print here!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  10. Did you want to punch Gaz in the face? Coz I would have! It's cool that you met them and got a piccy :) x

  11. Haha, Arg...what a legend.



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