revlon photoready foundation
sleek flamingo blush + highlighter from contour kit
barry m liquid liner
mac naked lunch/espresso e/s
makeup forever smoky lash mascara
mac impassioned lipstick

okay, a few people have mentioned they'd be interested to see how i 'do' my face - as in what tools/products i use along with my foundation/concealer/blush and whatnot. gem asked if i had any tips but to be honest, i'm never REALLY happy with how my makeup looks and i'm definitely not a professional. most of my 'tips' i've learnt through being obsessed with other beauty blogs/youtube and makeup in general.. but hopefully this is somewhat helpful!

mac fix+, benefit porefessional, elf mineralised infused face primer, clinique pore minimizer, mac matte

firstly, i think applying moisturiser/a primer/something before foundation makes a huge difference. i always moisturise about half an hour before doing my makeup and then use one of the above. i don't particularly have a favourite, they all do what they're supposed to do. except i tend to favour mac matte/clinique pore minimizer in summer because they control shine best whilst porefessional and the elf one don't. depending on what foundation i use, i'll spray my face with fix+ before or afterwards. sometimes both! a lot of people tend to just use fix+ afterwards to 'fix' the makeup, but if you use foundation like studiofix powder, studio tech or just an msf using fix+ first really works miracles!

mac 187, elf powder brush, elf kabuki face brush

finding the perfect foundation brush is hard. i've tried a lot, and through wasting a lot of money found i just don't get on with the 'normal' types of foundation brush, you know large dense flat paddle ones like the mac 190. when i try to use those types i end up with a thick streaky face of foundation and no one likes that. i gave up all together for a while and settled with a beauty blender, which i do still love but i tend to use that on days i want heavier coverage.

my face routine now is to use the elf powder brush to stipple the foundation (this won't work if you have super dry skin, it'll just end up exfoliating your skin) and gently buff outwards. if i use concealer, i pat it into my skin with my ring finger then use a smaller kabuki (i use the mac 181SE) to blend with the foundation. if i apply powder i'll use the powder brush again and PRESS it into the skin then lightly buff, never brush/dust - it'll just mess up your base. sometimes i'll use a powder buff in a rolling motion too, both work fine.

i then use the 187 to apply blush (as you can see!) and again stipple that and buff into the foundation. when i've finished with highlighters and everything else, i use the kabuki brush to blend everything together. honestly the only tip i can give is to BUFF and BLEND. buff your life away. even if you use your fingers to apply foundation, use a buffing brush afterwards. it makes SUCH a difference!

mac painterly paint pot, urban decay primer postion, too faced shadow insurance

i thought i'd go the whole hog and show you my eye routine too. i'm not huge on eyeshadow, i prefer to buy blush or lipstick really. and after buying the naked palette i barely use any of my mac shadows but i digress.. painterly paint pot is my favourite base - it really neutralises my eyelids, and when i can't be bothered i'll just wear this and some eyeliner! i find mac eyeshadows especially crease on me so using a primer is a must. i always use the primer all the way under my eye, where i apply concealer which really helps to stop concealer creasing too.

mac 227, mac 222

and these are the brushes i use for eyeshadow. pretty standard - 227 for packing on colour and the 222 for blending. i can't recommend the 222 enough, it's perfect for the entire eye to be honest - i can use it for all over the lid, crease and blending. i don't think i'll ever need another eyeshadow brush.

whew! think that's everything.. like i said earlier, i'm no professional just someone who wastes a lot of time and money on beauty products.


  1. ooooh very informative!!
    I love the eye primer potion, I don't put much eyemake up on because I can't blend but it really makes my eyeliner stay on.
    I think I'm going to invest in a good primer/fix spray.

    Thanks :)

  2. You always look so beautiful and I think your make up looks flawless all the time! xoxo

  3. I am always so envious of how your makeup turns out!

  4. Your skin looks gorgeously flawless!
    Great post, love the detail :) x

  5. Your makeup always looks gorgeous! I need to experiment with mine more, this has inspired me :)

    Maria xxx

  6. your tips are going to help me so much, thanks Klee!
    I have a giveaway on my blog, take a look

  7. Beautiful look! Great tips!


  8. ooh very interesting to read this. your makeup always looks amaaaze. like you're perma-airbrushed or something! impassioned looks lovely on you. i deffo need to get my hands on that sleek flamingo blush xx

  9. looks really pretty!
    awesome post girly.

  10. This was seriously so useful missus! Especially for the preparing your face part... I am rubbish at that. And I wonder why my foundation doesn't always co operate! :( xx

  11. very pretty make-up!


  12. You have the most lovely eyes and style ever!
    I was just wondering what British clothing size you are?x

  13. Who is this fittie on my screen!? Phwoar ;)

    Your make up always looks stunning bb. I need to jump on the fake lashes trend more ferociously I reckon & I need to buy that lipstick. I also need to invest in a primer... shopping it is!


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