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so today i was clearing out my nail polish - i have the tendency to leave them for AGES and they go gloopy and shit so i should probably sort them out more often. anyway it probably won't come as a huge surprise that most of my collection is barry m, but i realised my models own stash is slowly creeping up. along with a healthy mix of nails inc and opi... oops. must not buy any more. i digress! here are some of my favourites OF ALL TIME. yes, i went there.

burgundy, bright purple, red glitter, red glitter, raspberry, bright red, coral

navy, cobalt blue, turquoise, mint green, acid yellow

nail effects, dusky mauve, silver cascade, gold, grey, silver

matt white, pink iridescent, baby pink, bright pink

lilac dream, fuzzy peach, peach sherbet

magenta pearl, red alert, pink lady, tickled pink

bluebelle, emerald city, pink fizz

25 carat gold, mystic mauve, nude beige

in regards to the whole barry m vs models own debate, i guess they both have their +/- points but as an overall winner i'd have to pick models own. i find they chip FAR less and don't go as gloopy. (is gloopy even a word? my friend liv says it is so it's staying.)

obviously this post wouldn't be complete with out a notd. so here we go!

barry m acid yellow + models own emerald city

what's your favourite brand/colour? i'm starting to quite like opi at the moment which isn't particularly great for my bank balance!


  1. I have quite afew Barry M but i find some of the colours aren't as bright and they come out pretty sheer or as you said, gloopy :(

    Models own has such a nice consistancy (from the ones I've tried anyways!) and they seem to dry much quicker... the only downside is that they're that little bit more expensive!

    Great collection I love your mint greens and corals!

  2. I've always tended to go for Barry M because of the price but have found it doesn't always go on or stay on well. That might just be my lack of skill. I'll have to give models own a try! xx

  3. A lot of my Barry M polishes have gone a bit gloopy but a good tip is to pour a little nail polish remover into the pot and shake it, it gets rid of the gloopiness!

  4. Please please please please can I have your nailvarnish collection please? I swear my nails just got jelous ha-ha!

    Amazing collections! I really really want to try Barry M nailpolish soon I feel such a beauty fail that I haven't ha-ha.

    Currently obsessed with my Chanel 'Micah Rose' nail varnish and my Models Own beige :)


  5. Haha I’m the totally opposite! I think I’m possibly the only person who of despises models own, every polish I’ve tried of theirs turns out to be thick and gloopy. Nobody else seems to find this though which is really odd. I find the Barry M collection one of the best formula’s I’ve ever used (bar their lemon yellow colour) and it can’t be beaten on price and quality! x

  6. Wow, what a collection, i love all those shades!! I like Barry M best.

    Sadie x

  7. I absolute LOVE Barry M Mint Green! <3 Surprisingly I've never tried any Models Own Nail Varnishes!

    Gem x

  8. You have an amazing collection! I'm not a huge fan of Barry m polishes, I always seem to find them really difficult to apply. I've not tried any models own polishes before but I really want their blue glitter and green glitter shades because they look gorgeous and who doesn't love a bit of glitter hehe! Xoxo

  9. I don't really have a favourite brand, I love them seems like different colours within a brand apply differently anyway :(

  10. Holy crap, that's a good collection. I HATE gloopy nail varnish mann. I've got this amazing ebay store where I get my OPI for super cheap. I'll tweet it to you! x

  11. Wow you have loads! I love Barry M xx

  12. Lovely collection - you should post your others OPI etc :)

    I'm a devoted Barry M fan but I haven't tried Models Own yet.

  13. I love your NOTD, such a great look! Can't believe you have so many nail varnishes. They look so pretty.

  14. if you like opi you should watch QVC, they do great deals on it. They had a set of 4 full size colours, 2 hand creams and 3 mini base, top coat etc for 28 quid today which is a great price xx

  15. im happy and safe in the knowledge that you still keep these organised... acid yellow is obvs my fave! x

  16. love the nail polish collection and photos! makes me wanna paint my nails right now :) i'm addicted! love your blog, definitely following :)

    sarah rose

  17. ohmygosh can i have your nail polish collection PLEASE :) xx

  18. I AM SO GLAD YOUR BOTTLES LOOK LIKE SHIT COS MINE DO TOO AND I ALWAYS WONDER HOW THEY END UP THAT WAY? But anyway. I liked this post a lot. I found the same with the Barry M/Models Own debate, defs prefer MO! I'm properly loving Illamasqua polish, it is SO GOOD and doesn't chip for days. I'm also a fan of Essie polishes, you SHOULD TRY DEM. lots of love and shiz xxxx

  19. I love the Barry M colours but quite a few of them need like 3 coats on my fingers -_-
    Havent ever tried Models Own (kill me now) but I don't know if I can bring myself to spend a fiver on them!

    Carly x


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