miss guided.

i feel like i've been awake forever and it's not even 10am yet! since i have nothing else to do this morning i obviously started to have a cheeky browse at some online shops. one thing lead to another and i found myself making some kind of wishlist all from miss guided! i've never actually ordered from there before but the prices seem reasonable and they do actually have some really pretty stuff. shame they only go up to a 14 though! here are some of my favourites anyway.

harriet gathered chiffon maxi £38.99
shannan gathered look maxi £16.99
doutzen frill front maxi £17.99
lauren racer back maxi £17.99
gita frill front stripe maxi £18.99
tamia cape style sheer maxi £39.99


adeola fur cheetah print box bag £18.99
matilda tapestry satchel bag £28.99
aliz crocodile tote bag £19.99
fleta diamonte frog ring £15.99
gwen froral hair garland £5.99
love nail polish set £10.00

hailey strappy super high wedge £34.99
cathleen platform ankle boot £29.99
albany patent platform bow shoe £34.99
teigan lace up brogue boots £26.99
nadine tassel front loafer £19.99
quaker tassel front loafer £20.99

now if only i had loads of money! i think my overall favourites are the harriet gathered chiffon maxi dress, the adeola fur cheetah box bag and the nadine tassel front loafers! need them all! whats on your wishlist at the moment? are you a fan of missguided?


  1. Love Missguided! They have such a big range of maxi dresses, they're all awesome!

    The prices are really good, as the quality is good too!



  2. ooh I need that cheetah print bag and every single pair of them shoes!


  3. Thankyou for this post I have never seen Missguided before and Im so glad I have now!!!


  4. I love the second maxi dress and the first pair of wedges, I'm tempted to order on there but I have a friend who says the quality isn't great so I'm a little hesitant! x

  5. I proper LAHV Miss Guided! The clothes are so pretty and cheap and ohhh, I need more money.

  6. lovely wishlist. although i haven't bought from missguided before, i'm do spend far too long browsing online shops (boohoo is quite good as well). now i just need the money to actually buy something! -x-

  7. I do quite like Missguided - especially in the sale! I just got a dress and shorts through from them. Sadly the shorts are a tad too small but the dress is so pretty... they do a lot of chiffon-type stuff so if you're into that I guess it works really well.

  8. Ooh I love this little round-up, I too have never bought anything from Missguided but keep having a nose round their website, they seem to be getting better and better stock, and have had some really nice dresses lately. Really like that tapestry satchel bag too.

  9. Argh, all of this stuff is gorgeous! If only I had more than £10 left of my overdraft - Depressing! I love those top 3 maxi dresses, I'm SURE we do the first one in black in Next! And its actually cheaper which is weird!

    Want :( x

  10. I love Missguided nail varnish. Really need to stop window shopping on the Missguided website and actually order something! Lovely choices


  11. Oooh some lovely things, I'm obsessed with maxi dresses at the minute, they're all gorgeous! xx

  12. I've never ordered from missguided either but I love their stuff. I love the doutzen frill front maxi that you posted and actually saw it the other day and was thinking about purchasing it.

    Gem x

  13. My boyfriend would never understand it but I LOVE that little leopard print bag! Lol, so cute!

    Dayner x

  14. You are making me want to shop! Gorgeous colours and those shoes are divine! I have never plucked up the courage to order from missguided, maybe I should?!

    Maria xxx

  15. ooh I love those 2 pairs of loafers! I'm going through a loafers phase at the moment.

  16. I love the bags! I'm a fan and not not a fan , I think it's quite expensive for the rubbish quality. x hivenn

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  18. i love a bit of cheeky online shopping too. Great picks!
    Just found your blog, so looking forward to reading your future posts.
    Your new follower: dani xx



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