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i'm the first to admit if there's a new 'miracle' foundation released i'm the first to jump on it. even though i'm pretty happy with nars sheer glow, if i think there's going to be something better i'll go for it. you've probably all heard about the new illamasqua skin base, if not it claims to smooth, soften and condition your skin whilst providing natural coverage. illamasqua describe this as "the ultimate skin realism" foundation.

i popped to fenwick in newcastle yesterday and was matched to shade 4 which they say is the equivalent of mac nw20. i'm nw15 in studiofix fluid and find that to be far too dark/orange for me, so please take the comparison charts as a guide only. if i'd have gone by the guides i would have been matched to number 2!

natural light, with flash
(you can click to enlarge!)

as you can see number 4 is a pretty good match for me, the mua tried both 4 & 5 but we settled on 4 because it's warmer. if you're around the same skin-tone as me but cooler, definitely go with 5. whilst i've only had this for two days, i must say i am REALLY impressed. the more you buff it into your skin the more it looks like your-skin-but-better. it almost melts into your face, rather than adds a layer of product. i'm not sure what it is but i've found the lasting power of this incredible too - i applied it yesterday morning, went about my day, went to see bright eyes and jenny lewis play in a very hot room in the evening, got home at midnight and i didn't even need to powder. that's impressive! so overall, loving it so far. i was going to wait a while to post about it, but i figured some pictures of how it looks might help someone! i might do a more in-depth post when i've used it more.

in other news i applied to university a few weeks ago, had an interview a week ago and on monday i was accepted onto the course. so yeah i'm going to be starting a mental health degree come september. for everyone who hasn't read my dissertation or statements from my previous degree it might seem like a massive change (art to nursing?!) but it's not really. if anything it's a progression from what i've been doing for years, except this way i get a career. art doesn't pay, apparently!


  1. your skin looks flawless as usual! i've been so tempted to buy this, it's had so many good reviews. i've been getting a bit fed up with the cakeyness of doublewear so this sounds like it might be better!

    congrats on getting into uni too, that's AMAZING! xx

  2. Your skin looks flawless, so so pretty.
    Congrats on getting a place on the course, that's amazing :)
    Rebecca x

  3. that foundation looks pretty neat. Plus I like the way that it lasts ALL day, most if not all of my foundations fade after 11am... *sigh*

    And congrats on your uni course!
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  4. Congratulations on starting another degree :D and you look gorgeous!

  5. oooh I might try this, I've been using ysl for a while but I like to try new foundations. I really like Illamasqua blush but I haven't tried many of their products before. Read a few good views about this x

  6. I NEED foundation so bad. A decent foundation. Time to stop being cheap and take le plunge!

  7. The foundation looks amazing on you - may have to add that to my wishlist! And congrats on getting accepted, a mental health degree sounds really interesting, I know I'm missing doing psychology at a level already.

  8. argh I need to try this so bad! I am kicking myself so hard cos last week while I was at Cosmo I walked past the Illamasqua HQ EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and not once did I go in and get matched. FFS. now I have no stand anywhere by me so who knowzzz when i'll get a chance to try it. i'm nw15 in studio fix so maybe i should risk it for a choccie biscuit? HMMM.

    also, mega huge congrats on getting onto the course you wanted! SO PROUD BBZ. x

  9. This sounds and looks amazing! I'm definitely going to try it, my problem is that there's nowhere near me that sells it so I wouldn't be able to get colour matched. I know you said that you're an NW15 in Studio Fix Fluid and it's still too dark for you, thats the same for me. My colour is more like the NW15 in Studio Sculpt Concealer which is super light, I'd love it if you could tell me how that is in comparison to your skin tone as then I'd know to get shade 4 like you!

    Wow, sorry about the loooooong comment!

    Gem x

  10. You're skin looks amazing in the pictures! will definitely have to try it out, great review


  11. Ooh I think I need this in my life, your skin looks flawless! <3 I have no idea what my shade would be, I've been told a 6 but I think that'd be way too dark so I'd probably go for a 3. I'm tempted!

    Congrats on getting on to your course lovely! xoxo

  12. Congrats on getting onto the course hun yay you :)

    I really wanna try the skinbase!! Your make up looks gorgeous and flawless xx

  13. Sounds like it's great!

  14. I don't regret getting sheer glow after your recommendations so I defo this I will be getting this too :) have heard loads of good things about it, but you look WOW in the picture! and you got to go see bright eyes and jenny lewis? I am jealous ♥ and well done for getting into the course girlie, I think it sounds fab :) xx

  15. Wow, this looks great!
    Your skin looks fabulous!

  16. Your skin always looks lovely! I am going to have to try this, I am constantly looking out for a miracle finish like this!

    Maria xxx

  17. Wow you look amazing! Your skin looks flawless, I am defo considering investing in this foundation, great review :) And congrats on getting on your course! x

  18. Your skin looks so flawless!!! What blush on do you wear ?

  19. this looks gorgeous! i think you've convinced me to go out & buy it.
    also yay jenny lewis & bright eyes. they were both incredible x

  20. your skin looks totally flawless and beautiful! I might need to go try this out! Love your blog btw, I just stumbled upon it there!



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