too hot to trot!

benefit you rebel lite
mac tippy blush
mac cream colour base/pearl
mac e/s expensive pink + espresso
l'oreal superliner
makeup forever smoky lash mascara
mac vegas volt lipstick

mega apologies if you've already seen these pictures on charli's blog but my makeup has been pretty much this for the sunny days we've occasionally been having - and there's not much point taking more photos of it! so i guess these shall be known as my july faves babes! i said a while ago how i wasn't a big fan of vegas volt and i would like to take a second to TAKE THAT BACK. i don't know what it is but we've just been getting on so well lately. maybe it was because i was trying to werk it in winter? regardless it's definitely my favourite lipstick right now. it can be built up to a super intense coral/orange or used fairly lightly as a stain which i've been doing during daytime. not entirely sure why it's photographing so red, i think maybe this might show the colour better? (do excuse my drunk face! can't be helped!)

46 fruit loop, 48 candy floss

whilst enjoying the sun and not doing anything in particular i found these nail polishes and... yep, you guessed it. i painted my nails. i actually really love these dinky collection 2000 polishes they're really easy to work with, super cheap and are pretty decent quality really. i wish more polishes were this size actually, apart from top coats i don't think i've ever used a full bottle? also not sure how i feel about the whole accent ring finger thing but i couldn't decide which colour to use.. fail.

what are your summer favourites?! not that i need any excuse to buy more stuff or anything..


  1. You look bloody stunning miss! Loving the nails too :D

  2. the lipstick looks lush, my sister's been thinking of buying an orangey one so I'll tell her about this! and your nails are gorg x

    Beth x
    ramz and the flock

  3. Oh please, please stop being so bloody gorgeous.

  4. I love that shade of lipstick, I've been looking for a new one to try out and I think I may have just found it! I love Collection 2000 nail polishes, they're definately one of my beauty favourites!

    Carly x

  5. your make-up is perfect (:
    love the lip and nail varnish colours!

  6. Oo, that shade of lipstick on you looks so nice!

  7. HERE RIGHT, im literally going to punch you in the face next time i see you. i understand you need to find a good photo to show your lipstickzzz but CROP ME OUT NEXT TIME. I have no idea where that face came from/if i could indeed ever make it again and i do not want blogworld to see it. FANKS.

    p.s cow x

  8. Goodness that's an amazing picture, very pretty!

    My nails are in bright yellow with black crackle on them at the moment, I so need to get in touch with my feminine side and be summery!

  9. Your blush looks gorgeous! I'm yet to try a MAC blush :)

  10. You REALLY REALLY suite in fringe!
    You're very pretty!

    Following! x

  11. Tippy is one of my favorite blushes ever and it looks stunning on you! Love the look, it's beautiful :)

  12. But I love your drunk face Klee :) I have had NO faves this summer, my makeup has been utter balls lately at sitting on my face the way I want it too. I'm too 'tanned' for my nars sheer glow, and I have realised how much Mac foundations SUCK. Has you rebel been a nice light foundation/tinted moisturiser over summer? I need a plan B! :( Rant aside.... I like your face! xx

  13. The blusher looks so cute :D liking the nails too!

  14. Gosh, you're really pretty <3 Love the look (really wish I had Tippy) and both the nailpolishes, so pretty :)

  15. Love collection 2000. Hadn't seen these shade till now. Love them. I think I'll have to pop into town to get them! :)

  16. um drunken face? Lies! You're too much of a babe.


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