HIYA! remember me? no? umm. real life has kind of got in the way recently and i haven't felt very much like blogging. but not to worry! thought i'd wiggle my way back in with some photos from my weekend in london avec seb.

as you can see we had LOTS of fun. the weather was absolutely ridiculous and i'm pretty sure i came close to passing out about twenty times. not even exaggerating. well, maybe a little BUT IT WAS MEGA HOT. spent the weekend pottering around brick lane - as i got over the shock of seeing some lady trying to sell FOUR boxes of battered tampons around the corner was a young chap selling individually wrapped condoms. wow. (i stocked up, if you were wondering) we ate food and cupcakes and drank cocktails to celebrate bex's birthday, wandered around camden and turned shoes into cider-bottle-holders whilst picnicking by the canal.

BUT the best thing ever was a surprise trip to THE ZOO. i nearly wet myself with excitement and seb may or may not have had to tell me to calm down on more than one occasion. BUT HELLO, PENGUINS! and monkeys! and lions! oh my god. apart from the parrots flying at my face and the horrible enclosed butterfly farm, I HAD THE BEST TIME. i think the penguins will always be my favourite zoo animal because they walk funny and i imagine if they could speak they'd have the cutest voice. but i was also a huge fan of the monkeys and gorillas this time round. OH I CAN'T DECIDE I JUST WANT THEM ALL AS PETS PLEASE.


  1. Penguins are a firm favourite of mine too! Not too keen on their fishy odour though but you can't have it all!

  2. Loving these snaps doll, hope life is treating you well.

    Eda ♥

  3. Fab photos, you got great weather for it :D

  4. I remember youuuu! Welcome back to blog-land lovely. MWAH x

  5. hello there, lovely to see a post from you :)
    lovely photos!! looks fun xx

  6. I think everyones a bit MIA from blogging atm. Lovely to see you back though, I just love the zoooooo. Or as they say here in Edinburgh, thu zuuuuuh. Haha, xxx

  7. I had so much fun surprising you with the Zoo, and everything else. Best weekend ever. and I can't wait to do it again next weekend!

  8. Definitely penguins, they are so fricking cute! I can't believe I live in London now and I STILL HAVEN'T BEEN TO THE ZOO. I sort of have an anti-zoo thing but the animals are so cute...

  9. OMGZ PENGUINS! hello klee! sounds like a great time :)

    ramz and the flock

  10. your hair is so big, love it!
    I hate being too warm, I like it to be cold so I can wear tights and cardi's x

  11. Klee you always manage to look such a beauty! Pink definitely suits you!
    Looks like you had a super fun time in LDN, and hello Zoo trip.. looks amazing! x

  12. Hellow, lovely blog you got there. I really like how different the header is and the whole design.

    Have a lovely day,
    Sarah ♥

  13. so cute! i like your style and your funny way :)
    hugs from milan

  14. I want to go to the zoo!!! Great pictures of the animals :)

  15. Your blog is really good

    Take a look at mine here!

    LB x

  16. Looks like a faaaab time love the shocking pink blouse!


  17. Seeing your bra made my day ;) I never do the winky face, feel privileged!

    I once got thrown off of Blackpool pier for wearing a sheer shirt and it being counted as indecent exposure. lols.


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