allo allo allo. don't appear to be doing much of the makeup type posts lately, mainly because my DSLR has broken but also i'm just really bored/not interested in beauty stuff at the minute. this will no doubt change after i've realised i've shown the internet my naked face.. but whatever the super cute kigu makes up for it i think! if you follow me on twitter you'll probably already know i've been spending quite a lot of time in london with seb which is fun but the train journeys home are NOT.

these photos are all from a few weekends ago which was mainly spent eating the best lemon sorbet ever from patisserie valerie, baking cakes and ordering dominos (they always have loads of pizza offers, sure theres a 40% off code at the minute!). we also went to the american apparel flea market, which apparently was 90% off but errrr.. i don't think it was. only ended up buying t-shirts for my dog!

this weekend we accidentally went to hitchin, visited westfields, sat in a field and watched fireworks, pretended to be students so we could see this view, got rather drunk and went on a boat, spent too much time in ikea, ate lots of sweets and FINALLY finalised paris! exciting times.


  1. And of course Ikea was the best bit? ;)

  2. Hello KIGU friend, you look amazeballs!
    Sounds like you had a perfect time in LDN! And ikea I am very jealous of, as I am with all this amazing fooood.x

  3. i just drooled over that pizza picture (sad but true)

  4. The photo of you on the train is frikkin awesome!! Gorgeous much!

  5. Oh my! I need some Dominos in my life! I live in the most ridiculous place ever that Dominos does not deliver too! What is going on with that!?

    You look so cute in your Kigu too! xx

  6. Train rides are the worst. Even here in the USA. I always dread having to ride it because sometimes I don't even get a seat! In any case, you look so cute with your hoody thing (yes, I said Hoody thing) and I am now following you!

    Mary from http://meowwzie.blogspot.com/

  7. So many good food pictures your making me hungry! Love that picture of you on the train too, beaut! x


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