i want shoes.

princess wedge
gem ankle wedge
paco gil
miso t-bar

a few posts ago i mentioned i spend most of my time on buses or looking at shoes.. i figured a post about buses might be a bit rubbish, so how about a post about shoes? everyone loves shoes. right? since christmas is coming up, that means parties, and the NEED FOR PRETTY SHOES. i say parties, i still haven't been invited to any.. my dog had an excellent time at his christmas bash, if anyone was wondering! i've never seen so many pugs, sausage dogs and frenchies in one room before. amazing.

anyway, can't decide which of these i like most, i've wanted the princess wedges from schuh FOREVER.. but i don't know how appropriate it'd be leaving a trail of glitter behind me after the festive season? i love the red hollywood shoes from spartoo too though - red, peep toe, block heel and bows.. hello dream shoes. now all i need is the ability to walk in heels without breaking my neck or wanting to rip my feet off, hurrah.


  1. Those black spiky wedges are amazing, I love them!

    Gillian x

  2. those black RI wedges are amazing, but £100 makes me crrrrry! my friend bought studs and is going to try re-create them for me! :D x

  3. the RI studded wedges are perfection!! RI heels are always too expensive for my stingy self though, if i'm spending triple figures i want designer damn it! the princess shoes are very very nice as well x

  4. I love the ASOS t-bar! I've my eye on them for a while, fingers crossed for a Jan sale :)

  5. Love the studded wedges! I really want some glittery heels for Christmas too

  6. i love the ombré mary jane pumps...so cute

    p.s. feel free to pop by my blog and enter my holiday giveaway!

  7. Saw those RI ones in store today, amazing!!
    I love the red ones, not seen shoes with a fade like that before x

  8. Wow those glitter wedges are fabulous, I'm obsessed!

  9. I like them all. They are so pretty, that I can't choose either.

    XX Teresa

  10. Today someone called me a "shoe girl." I took it as a compliment. I'm asking for Jeffrey C. and Doc Martens under my tree this year. They better be there or someone will get hurt.


  11. Holy hell, these are amazing! Especially wanting the melissa babies!! x

  12. Holy hell, these are amazing! Especially wanting the melissa babies!! x


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