Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wut ya say

vintage batwing jumper
zara skirt
vintage belt
marc jacobs watch

hello hangover face. not sure why i feel the need to do outfit posts on hangover days?! definitely had one cocktail too many last night. worth the pain though, it was a good night!

still enjoying the warm weather! surprising for the north of england really. (lol wrote that half an hour ago, it's pissing down now. that's more like it.) anyway this is my new (well not really new) jumper i mentioned in a previous post - erm, how wonderful is the collar!? so nice. although i think it'll be nicer in the winter, it's super light so easy enough to wear in the 'heat' too. i've had this skirt from zara for ages but i think i only like it because it has pockets. it's the little things.

louie pug has an appointment at the vets soon so that should be fun.. not. he hates going because he knows it usually ends up in some kind of injection/being prodded at. he's just having a checkup to see if his eyes are better, which i'm pretty sure they are now thanks to his £50 eyedrops. /bitter ..dreading going, probably going to cost me another small fortune.

my nails from a few days ago! i used models own nude beige which is my favourite colour ever, added a little of pink fizz which is another favourite. i just can't bare having full on glitter nails lately, i die inside every time i have to battle to take it off. i've heard about the tin foil method but i HATE the feeling of tin foil so i'll just suffer in silence. or something.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

my longest lashes!

so i've heard good things about this mascara, and being the mascara fiend i am i decided to buy it and see if it does live up to the hype or not. prestige 'my longest lashes' claims to provide instant length and enhancing lift effect, nourish and moisturise for longer looking lashes with a precision brush for perfect definition and amazing length. i know we've all heard that before, with pretty much every mascara ever. mascara advertisements are one of my biggest hates - we can ALL get amazing lashes with inserts or full on fake lashes!?!

HOWEVER. i do actually believe that this mascara does all the things it claims to do. it doesn't give the best volume, or curl but it doesn't claim to do those things. it does lengthen my lashes, really really well. (i always curl my lashes anyway which definitely works better than hoping your mascara will do it.)

nars sheer glow
nars orgasm blush
illamasqua precision ink liner
prestige my longest lashes mascara
mac cut a caper lipstick
(particularly enjoying how much darker one eyebrow is, bad times!)

i applied two coats to the top and one to the bottom. the most important thing was to let the first coat dry, i'm usually really impatient and don't always do that, oops! with one coat they look more natural, but.. i'm not one for natural looking lashes. i just don't see the point!

i've been using this for a week now, and i've had no smudges or problems removing it so it's a winner for me. and the best part.. it's only £6.99. you really can't go wrong.

has anyone else tried it? what mascara do you swear by?

Friday, March 25, 2011

summer dreaming

new look shirt
dorothy perkins jeans
primark sandals

another sunny day, definitely no coat weather. second day of sandals too! added a flower in my hair to embrace summer, or something. i don't know!

i was going to say thank god it's friday, but being unemployed it makes no difference to me what day it is now! i haven't fully lost my mind yet, and i'm still considering my options for what exactly i want to do, and what i CAN do. cor, the future is a scary thing isn't it?

spent most of my week trying to convince sam pepper to follow me on twitter, so far he's having none of it. don't worry though, i'm not through with trying. had an eventful night of sleep walking on wednesday night, apparently. i went and woke my mum up asking where louies (my dog) shoes were - her response at 3am was "louie doesn't even wear shoes". everyone was confused. i don't remember it at all! i have such creepy sleeping habits. has anyone else done it before?

woke up to an e-mail from nails inc this morning about their 5 for 10 offer, i missed it last time so obviously i bought some! seems to have disappeared now, so i guess they sold out? i hope i don't end up with rubbish colours! ooh anyway have a lovely weekend lovelies!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

pop, pop, popping, dropping, dropping low

009-018 of project 365

009/365 - louie pug napping on my door step. he really suffers in the heat, he hates it! pants like a bitch. (he's definitely a boy though)

010/365 - crazy how dramatically the weather changed. i took louie to the vets because he kept winking at me. turns out he had a small ulcer in his eye which resulted in ridiculously expensive eye drops and painkillers. he's worth it though.

011/365 - my dad felt sorry for louie so bought him a new hoody. he loves it. PUG X LIFE. realised project 365 will probably be about my dog. i'm fine with it.

012/365 - birthday girl! st patricks day and my nieces birthday. she had a great day!

013/365 - the weekend involved painting the house. it was awful and the paint fumes made my eyes BURN. same again next weekend. dreading it.

014/365 - ichatting and including screenshots because i well and truly forgot that day. my bad!

015/365 - olivers football birthday party. fully enjoyed by all. (mainly for the cake)

016/365 - pughugged the day a way.

017/365 - back to bright skies again. things are looking up.

018/365 - lace peter pan collar vintage jumper! arrived today. so lovely, will most likely be making a debut in an outfit post soon.

Monday, March 21, 2011

left a good job in the city

benefit you rebel lite / estee lauder doublewear
mac pink power msf
mac all that glitters / illamasqua precision ink / makeup forever smoky lash
illamasqua lipstick in wanton

hiya! today is a good day - i have officially left my job. technically i should be kinda worried about money and living but i'm just so relieved not to have to go back there. i've thought about it a lot and figured it wasn't worth being so miserable for. so today marks the day where i officially attempt to sort my life out. i've been saying it for ages, but today i'm starting, for real.

primark playsuit
new look cardigan

this is what i wore to celebrate. it's wonderful not having to think about what i wear and if it's "appropriate" or not. i've had this playsuit for ages but it's still one of my favourites! it's so comfortable but of course is incredibly annoying when you need to pee. i know we've all been there. the weather has been so good lately, i don't think i've worn a proper coat in at least a week.. ha. more please.

kate kanzier shoes

i never really think about what shoes i wear, as weird as that sounds?! i usually just wear whatever i can find. i have the tendency to buy shoes and NEVER wear them. like these, for example. i bought them last year and never got round to wearing them! i contemplated selling them but i'm glad i didn't because they're quite cute for summer.

it's my nephews birthday, can't believe he's six already! he had a football party yesterday, which was... fun. well for him it was. my idea of fun doesn't involve screaming children nor does it involve footballs flying over my head. the tea party bit was good though. SO MUCH CAKE.


Friday, March 18, 2011

cake face

yesterday was my niece's birthday! she's twelve now, so grown up. i was eleven when she was born, and i still remember her being a baby. my sister told me she was pregnant before anyone else, and i felt so special and trusted. i didn't tell a soul, either! isn't her pauls boutique cake amazing? it's all glittery and cute. the detail is incredible. the football t-shirt cake is my nephews, who is six next week. he's having his birthday party at the weekend though! i'm looking forward to it, mainly because i love tea parties. there should be more of them for sure.

this is my face today! not very exciting but i've discovered a new foundation routine. i mix a tiny bit of doublewear with benefit you rebel lite aaaaand.. this is the end result. i'm finding doublewear a little too heavy right now, and you rebel too light on it's own so figured why not mix them together?! i was really surprised at how well it worked actually. i love it because you get the coverage of doublewear but with the dewiness of the moisturiser. hurrah no flat face! i'm also wearing the love of my life, aka mighty aphrodite blush and the emancipation gloss from the wonder woman collection.

this morning i quickly (quickly being keyword) painted my nails red with glittery tips since it's red nose day! speaking of red nose day i still need to donate, eep. i'll probably do that later since i have no other plans other than watching comic relief all night.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

neigh chance

i have two £20 asos vouchers from the groupon deal, and i still can't decide what to buy! what did everyone else buy? i'm tempted by all of these things.. kind of shows how boring i am really, ha! i kind of want to try nars sheer glow too but i'm unsure of which shade to get. might pop into space nk tomorrow before i make up my mind.

in other news, yesterday i discovered just how expensive vet bills are. loupug has a small ulcer in his eye - he has antibiotic eye drops and some painkillers. my bank is now £51.63 down. ouch.
just browsing heat and came across these. HOOF HEELS. my word. i'm horrified.

Monday, March 14, 2011

monday monday monday

last week i received this little beauty in the post, and fell in love a tiny bit. i actually won it in a giveaway lucia held in her blog, miss lucia lolita's fashion world. if you haven't already seen her blog i totally recommend it, she has some amazing outfit posts and she's absolutely beautiful.
gosh just look at it, eep! so pretty. when it catches the light it SPARKLES. i'm kind of like a magpie with shiny things so this is right up my street. i've been wearing it constantly and so many people have commented on it!

topshop top & cardigan
dorothy perkins high waisted shorts

here's what i wore today. not very exciting but it was such a lovely day! i almost braved the world without a cardigan but opted against it after getting to the bottom of my garden. wishful thinking doesn't always work. spent the day morning walking loupug who was about ready to collapse after twenty minutes, he doesn't do well with the heat it seems. this afternoon was spent choosing paint to redecorate and eating pic'n'mix, which happens to be my favourite thing to do. when woolworths used to exist me and my friend bex used to actually get a bus to our local one to fill up massive cups of sweets! i do miss those days.

seem to have gone off on a tangent about sweets, must stop that. i was going to go shopping this week and splash out on some new shoes, after thinking about it for a while i decided to just donate that money instead. seems ridiculous to be even thinking about shoes when japan is in such a mess, doesn't it?

Sunday, March 13, 2011


sunday night and i can't sleep, nor do i feel tired. typical really. the only logical thing to do is paint my nails.. right. i used an urban decay polish in cult. i've had this polish for ages but kind of neglected it. i'm not sure why because it's an amazing colour! this is a really rubbish photograph (obviously, it's past midnight) but it's a beautiful green foil which reflects gold in the light. i actually really like urban decay nail polishes, they apply so smoothly and dry insanely quick. must buy more.

whilst i'm here, and wide awake i thought i'd share my first week of project 365

002/365. manors metro station - worst metro station ever. it's so creepy and dull and unfortunately where i have to go every day to get to work. on this particular day a charv had been kicked out of monument metro (stop before this one) for smoking. he left whilst shouting abuse at the staff and told one man to get to the gym because he was fat. as i was walking out of manors he pegged it down the stairs past me, to catch the same metro he'd been thrown off merely 3 minutes before. love a good charv story.

003/365. washing up on women's day. spent the day at work talking about pancakes and being told to get back in the kitchen. the joy of working with men.

004/365 flowers in the window and fake ones at that. it was a bad day.

005/365 lola & jimmy, my favourites at the moment. jimmy is my newest love but lola will always have a special place in my heart. somewhere near daisy.

006/365 marc jacobs watch. my dad bought me this last year and i feel naked if i don't wear it. it's the only watch i've ever owned apart from a barbie one when i was little. even though the clock face is so small i can barely make out the time, it's special.

007/365 pug mess. sometimes louie is really naughty and does the strangest things. his expression may appear that he is an innocent bystander to the messy floor incident but i can assure you but two seconds before this was taken he had stood in his food bowl, scared everyone half to death and created this.

008/365. kind of right now. i hate how messy my desktop is. i keep creating folders and shoving everything in there - i've literally done this since june of last year and i just can't be bothered to go through almost a years full of crap. i never used to be like this.

Friday, March 11, 2011

dear mother nature,

firstly, my thoughts (and if i prayed, prayers) are with japan today. i just.. have no words. i just felt it strange to blog normally without taking a second to mention the real world. it's so sad that these things are happening, i know they can't be controlled and i think that makes it a million times scarier. mother nature if you're reading my blog, please play nice.


estee lauder doublewear (shell)
mac msf natural (light)
mac pink power msf
mac spiked eyebrow pencil
urban decay naked/buck/virgin (LOL what a combination of names)
illamasqua precision ink liner
l'oreal telescopic mascara
revlon cherries in the snow lipstick

thought i'd share a fotd, which has been the makeup i've been wearing all week. it's also really simple and quick to do, which is a necessity since i leave it until the very last second to get out of bed in the mornings. again, bad week at work which has resulted in no blogging. i actually have next week off, to try and sort myself out a little which will mean more time for blog posts! excellent. had a bit of a breakdown yesterday - really need to figure out what i want to do. i keep thinking "well it's okay, i've just graduated" .... except really, i finished university almost a year ago with nothing but general admin work to show for it. it's terrifying to think i could be stuck in an office for the rest of my life.

i'm still doing well with project 365 i've only been going a few days but i thought i would have given up by now! has anyone else done it? completed it?

ps, i've mentioned this on twitter but if any of you ladies are in london or around, please please consider helping this little pug / pass on the link to someone who could. makes me so sad to think of him unloved :( i wish i was still living down south, i'd adopt him in a heartbeat!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

love is the flower you've got to let grow

so i obviously jumped on the wonder woman bandwagon! when i was looking at swatches and pictures online before the launch i can't say anything really stood out to me.. yet i still managed to spend over £60? wow, way to go. dread to think the amount i would have spent had i fallen in love with it (!)

what i bought take one. gracefully ruined by a pug under the table. thought i'd share it anyway.

what i bought take two. much better. i got the pink power msf, emancipation lipglass and mighty aphrodite blush duo. i bought these on thursday in my lunch hour, when i got home thursday evening i realised pink power was SMASHED. i was gutted! took it back friday and exchanged it for a new one though, thankfully. i actually love how huge the msf is - i just wish it had a mirror inside! although i've heard complaints on how big it is for travelling i think its perfect really - bronzer, blusher, highlighter in one so you don't need to carry three separate items.
i didn't really intend to buy the lipglass, it kind of just happened. it's such a lovely nude pink and.. i don't even usually wear gloss. i've been wearing it over creme d'nude, myth and angel and it's AMAZING. the wand is absolutely made for giants and is incredibly difficult to pull out (errr..) but i'm glad i bought it. none of the lipsticks really stood out to me?!
as for mighty aphrodite.. well. i have a lot of blushers but it's not often i fall in love with one. (i think the last blush i properly fell in love with besides nars orgasm was tippy from the hello kitty collection) HOWEVER. i have found a new love. it's beautiful. it's everything i want in a blush! when i was returning my faulty msf i was going to buy a backup but both counters in newcastle had sold out already!

i was going to do swatches and whatnot but there's not much point considering they're everywhere! so instead i'm going to take a detour from makeup and talk about nails. in particular MARBLE NAILS. ooh. there was a little section in look magazine on how to do this, and it looked nice so i thought.. WHY NOT.

here's what you'll need - nail varnish remover and cotton buds (very important), some nail polish of your choice and a bowl of water. i used an old tupperware box as not to ruin anything! start by applying a base coat and a light first coloured coat of polish. i just used a white (not pictured)

next, add drops of your chosen colours into the water and mix them together. i just swished the box around a bit because i couldn't find anything to stir it with, oops. works just as good though! and now for the fun bit.. which i don't have pictures of unfortunately. (you'll understand why, if you've done it..!) basically just dip your fingers in. be warned that you will make a complete mess. it won't just be your fingernails that are marbled, it will be your entire fingers. i tried doing one at a time, dipping in, cleaning then onto the next but by the time i'd cleaned up the mixture had dried together. SO just deal with the mess and spend some time afterwards cleaning up. after you've tided them up a bit, add a top coat and viola!

what do you think? yay or nay? i must say i tried this earlier on in the week with lighter colours and although it was probably a nicer effect, there wasn't much impact. i'd definitely recommend using a variety of shades rather than all light or all dark.

in other news today i started project 365 with my friend jackie so that should be fun. i'm hoping it'll make me take more photographs in general - it's depressing ever since starting/graduating my photography degree i've had no desire to take photographs like i used to.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

my eyeslipsface

i ordered a few things from elf last week when they had the 20% off promo. i'm not a HUGE fan of elf really - i mean, it's okay for the price but i haven't found any products i think are AMAZING or anything. anyway i'm always a sucker for discount codes and bargains so placed my order regardless. and here's what i bought! - contouring blush and bronzing powder, mineral infused face primer, angled foundation brush, tinted moisturiser and face kabuki brush.

my favourite thing i bought was the kabuki brush! it's seriously so SOFT and lovely. definitely worth the £3.50 or whatever they cost. i was fairly impressed with the primer too, works as a primer should. no complaints. the bottle looks really nice too, except.. it's... broke? already. the pump in theory is a brilliant idea, but a working pump is an even better idea, fyi elf.

the blush/bronzer is supposed to be a dupe for nars orgasm/laguna but.. i don't think it is at all really. the blush is too light and the bronzer too muddy. not comparing it to anything though? still nice. (this is quite a heavy swatch of the blush! but it can be built up)

now. the tinted moisturiser. i actually do quite like it. i think. i bought it in porcelain which i assume is the lightest shade, mainly because i've been wondering if i really need foundation or not. today i braved the world wearing only the tinted moisturiser, no foundation! it does even my skin out relatively well, but i just feel really naked without anything else on. i do like the idea of wearing less makeup though with summer coming up so... watch this space! what makeup do you wear in summer?

did anyone else make an order with elf last week? if you missed the code there's 20% off studio products (the only ones worth buying, imo) with the code STUDIOSAVE.