Friday, April 29, 2011


motel/topshop dress
topshop denim jacket

haven't done an outfit post in a while, and i'm not really wearing anything exciting/new when i decide to do one.. oh well! today is my mum & sisters birthday AND the royal wedding. what a day for celebrating, eh? i wish i'd actually thought about what i was wearing today because the eiffel tower/french theme doesn't really go too well with my british nails..

YEAH i jumped on that bandwagon. this is my second attempt, my first smudged all over because i got bored waiting for them to dry. story of my life! spent most of this morning watching the wedding on tv, doesn't it make you proud to be british? i hate all these negi nancys whinging about the cost/their taxes.. this is history! amazing history. eat scones, drink some pimms and bloody well enjoy yourselves. have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

new fings

tomorrow is my mum AND sisters birthday (so inconsiderate), i popped into town earlier this week to buy gifts and promised myself i wouldn't buy anything for myself. that.. didn't work out so well. i figured if i went to boots a few cheeky purchases wouldn't hurt, especially since they have 2 for 3 over all makeup. i got:

rimmel stay matte transparent powder
bourjois rose d'jor blush
natural collection lipstick in apple blossom

i was buying my sister something from mac and accidentally bought myself a cream colour base in pearl. oops. hate it when that happens. it's lovely though, probably my favourite cream highlighter. i considered buying a new studiofix powder but for some reason just couldn't justify the price - especially as i use it for touchups rather than a part of my routine. so i opted for the £3.99 rimmel version and i actually really like it! the packaging is a bit rubbish but it's very comparable to studiofix, i even find it doesn't cake as much. bonus!
there was really no need for me to buy the blush or lipstick, but they're pretty and they lured me in. the blush is gorgeous and smells nice. the lipstick on the other hand smells a bit funny and washes me out. it's a lovely pinky nude though, i think it's just too light for me.
i'd already been to superdrug (shh!) and bought l'oreal telescopic mascara and the maybelline eye studio gel liner. but they don't really count because i did need both a mascara and liner! getting on quite well with this gel one, i hated the mac version - probably because it dries out SO quickly? but the lid on this one is pretty great. the brush that comes with it is actually okay too, very surprised at that!

i seem to be enjoying 'drugstore' makeup recently, not sure if it's because i'm unemployed or if it's just generally improving? i mean with the likes of sleek, barry m and gosh you can't really go wrong can you? what are your favourites?

i also woke up to this e-mail the other week, laughed at how precise the times were?! between 14.27 and 15.27...!!??! anyway they didn't disappoint and my nails inc order arrived at 15.06.

chelsea bridge (uv top coat), hans road, palace mews, barnsbury road, chester square

i ordered from the 5 for £10 deal, the only draw back being you didn't get to choose which 5 you wanted. still worth the risk though, right? i love all the colours i was sent, but i already have dupes for ALL of them! not sure if that's a good or bad thing really, suppose it's good in the sense that they're definitely colours i'll wear..!

overall rather pleased with my new polishes, it makes me never want to pay full price for a nails inc polish ever again. (i probably won't)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

five minute warning

nars sheer glow in mont blanc
mac msf natural in light
sleek contour kit in light
nars orgasm blush
illamasqua precision ink
clinique high impact mascara + mac eyelashes 2
mac all that glitters/espresso eyeshadows
mac hue lipstick

this was my face last night! i've realised my makeup routine is pretty much the same for day and night, i just add lashes.. oh well. i never usually wear nude lipsticks at night either, i always go for brights but we only went down t'pub so i didn't want to be too overdone! the fringe also came out because i had wonky eyebrows. excellent.

had to sit through the most awkward 'comedian' who made jokes about barbie dolls and vaginas with a dodgy over exaggerated south shields accent. think someone should have reminded her she wasn't sarah millican. all in the aid of charity.. or something. the strawberry cider and RETRIEVER were good though, and that's all that matters.

thankyou all for your lovely comments on my last post about louie pug! he's doing much better now, i think his painkillers must have kicked in because he's back to his normal naughty self. he spent most of yesterday playing in my garden with his dad!

hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy all the bank holidays. i'm strangely really excited for the royal wedding, i can't be the only one surely!? i'm not sure why but i really quite like the royal family! i think my invite must have got lost in the post though.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

just came to say hello

sick puppy is sick. he's had an ulcer in his eye for a while, he's on his second dose of eye drops and antibiotics. poor boy! i'm going to have to rename my savings to 'vet bills' i think. he has to go back in two weeks time, so hopefully he'll be okay! he's come around a bit now but yesterday he was so sad, i even had to carry him to the vet. WAH.

as you might have guessed by now, i'm pretty obsessed with foundation and finding the 'perfect' one. i always think i have it, and then i get bored or enticed in by something else.. i'm awful. this was on offer in boots a few weeks ago so i picked it up for a few pounds! looks quite horrifically orange in the bottle, even though it's the lightest shade.. which i think is 51? anyway i can reveal that it's not orange at all once applied.. hurrah!

elf mineralised infused primer
bourjois healthy mix foundation
sleek flamingo blush
mac msf soft and gentle
mac chatterbox lipstick
mac brule/espresso eyeshadows
makeup forever smoky lash mascara

i had to use flash with these because there isn't any natural light anymore, and i can't seem to be able to remember to take photographs during the day.. but nevermind. you get the idea. this is the only high street/'drugstore' (HATE THAT WORD) foundation i own, so i didn't have any expectations AT ALL. i am really impressed though! my only squabble is that by the end of the day it makes my nose flaky, which i've left for your viewing pleasure.. attractive, i know. i must say though this is one of the few foundations i've tried which really benefits from a primer. i'm just using a cheap elf one at the moment, but without it the foundation just doesn't sit right. overall though, definitely impressed and would definitely recommend. i'm particularly impressed with how well it's doing in this heatwave we're having?! no sweaty face over here!

i might have jumped on the leopard print nails bandwagon and attempted my own. not bad for a first attempt.. kind of. my friend even thought they were the primark nail foils.. i think she's easily impressed though. still a little bit obsessed with the models own gold, it's the most beautiful colour!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


another instalment of project 365. (left out a few i've already posted) can't actually believe i've stuck to it for 42 days, to be honest! i seem to have gotten it into part of my day now though, doesn't seem to be a chore like i'd expected. oh god, seem to have some delayed hangover in the form of a headache right now so i think i'll go have a nap. naps solve everything.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

disco stick

i FINALLY bought nars sheer glow..! i went to space nk a few weeks ago and was matched to mont blanc which is actually perfect for me. (i'm usually a mix of nc/nw15 for reference) i waited what seemed like FOREVER for asos to get my shade back in stock so i could use my groupon voucher! glad i waited though, can't really afford £29.50 for a foundation.

i took these photos at the end of the day, so you can see how well it's lasted, pretty well i'd say considering it doesn't claim to be long-wearing or anything. nars claim that using this foundation daily will improve your skins texture over time - doesn't specify how much time, but i've been using it for a few weeks and haven't particularly noticed anything. although it's called "sheer glow" i think that's possibly a little misleading as it's definitely NOT sheer, i'd say it's a medium coverage and can definitely be built up. there's also not a lot of 'glow' to it - definitely not matte, but not dewy either. it's a lovely in between, i'd say. nars recommend this foundation for dry to normal skin, i have combination skin (dry cheeks, oily t-zone) but i don't NEED to powder with this foundation.. i don't know what it is but it just seems to set on my skin better than anything else i've tried. after a full day i do have a little shine to me, as you can see, but i kind of like that. might not be to everyones taste though!

overall? yep i love it.

i also got extremely bored of my nails and couldn't decide AT ALL what to do with them so i tried something i've never done before.. THIS. well. not sure how i feel about it. they're definitely not 'me' SO..

not sure if you can really tell but i added some barry m baby pink glitter over the top. looking cuter but still a bit.. WEIRD. i don't know i've never been the type for the french manicure look. suppose it makes a nice change though?

wow another picture of my hand. hand perverts dream this post. found this monstrosity in matalan for ONE POUND. couldn't say no.

and FINALLY! how cute is this necklace i won from alice's giveaway!? i love it, eek!

Thursday, April 07, 2011


topshop skirt & necklace
202 top
new look cardigan
daft face? my own, soz!

i've been rubbish at this whole blogging thing this week. sometimes i just feel the need to avoid the internet for a while but when i come back it's so overwhelming! that sounds really lame doesn't it? but it's like when you were little and you were off school for a day, going back was shit! but after you'd caught up with everything it was fine? IS THAT JUST ME? i need a life, or something.

that turned into an unintended rant. whoops. i have nothing to say about what i'm wearing really, it's quite boring and very typical to what i always wear. i'm definitely one of those people who embrace leopard print and over the top lipstick during daytime. i'm not ashamed.

since i haven't updated in a while, i figured i'd allow some kind of (ok massively) drunk photos finish the post off. please see last sentence of previous paragraph.

topshop red lace peter pan dress
asos feather clutch
mac violetta lipstick
koosday cocktails!

h&m sequin batwing top
(hollys dress is also h&m!)

last weekend was mostly spent drinking too much and getting a bit rowdy (affectionate support, i'd say) at my friends band retriever's ep launch. (you can buy their ep via itunes here btw!) it's thursday and i'm still talking about last weekend? seriously no idea what i've done with my week. clearly nothing productive.

i'm feeling kind of rubbish about life right now - nothing ever seems to go right?! everyone i know (bar a few..) seems to be settling into jobs, or travelling the world and i'm just STUCK. i really have no idea what to do with my life, i'm so jealous of anyone who does! i keep browsing job sites and there's literally nothing that appeals to me.. that sounds so stupid and ridiculous but i'm worried if i just apply for another office job i'll accept that and not do anything else? i need a life coach STAT.