Wednesday, September 14, 2011


topshop skater dress (i promise i wear clothes from other shops sometimes too)

so hi. i started university again this week, so far it's just been inductions and campus tours which aren't too exciting. lecturers start on monday though.. along with freshers week, which i don't think i'll be participating in this year! finally ready to admit i'm just too old to dress up as a smurf.

whipping out all my french themed clothes this week to celebrate the fact sebby and i are going to paris for new years eve! i'm super excited mainly because majority of my nye's have been absolutely rubbish and um.. well it's PARIS. i've already decided we're going to sephora so if anyone has any other suggestions for things to do/see that would be excellent?

this afternoon i came home to find louie upstairs in the spare room where he'd found a pug sized square of sunlight. i sometimes wonder if he is actually a cat.

Thursday, September 08, 2011



HELLO WORLD! today is my birthday. i think like everyone else i've had my fair share of really wonderful birthdays and also really terrible birthdays. although the lead up to this day hasn't been the best i'm still in high spirits. it's never okay to be sad on your day of birth, right? i never did understand the 'it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to' thing, more like 'it's my birthday and i'll be a demanding brat if i want to (and you can't judge me.)'

i'm not entirely sure how i feel about being twenty four yet. actually, that's a lie because i'd definitely prefer to have stayed twenty one forever, who wouldn't though? anyway despite being a bit rubbish at life sometimes and occasionally making some horrific decisions i think i'm an alright person, really. i lack common sense, sometimes i say dumb things without thinking and i'm not entirely sure where i'm going with my life; but i've made it through twenty four years living this way so i doubt these things will ever change. i'll always be the one that's always a bit lost and confused and doesn't always get the joke but that's kind of okay. finally at twenty four years old i've accepted that's just how i am. hurrah for me! boo for you! no doubt.

SO YEP. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. EAT CAKE AND BE HAPPY PLEASE. (especially eat cake if it has my name on it) (my friends are awesome)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

birthday sex

topshop dress

..did i mention it's my birthday on thursday? no? OH! it's my birthday on thursday!! this time three years ago i was in new york, how shit is that? why am i not in new york now? anyway, bought this dress at the weekend because i literally couldn't find ANYTHING else i liked. i have a really similar red one with a peter pan collar from topshop too. so anyway, wore this to celebrate my day of birth saturday evening. was a bit of a fail night because i got drunk too quickly and didn't last very long! but still there was more wine and more cake and i had a very nice second birthday celebration. i always drag my birthday out for as long as possible!

and now for a really big super close up of my face, which you can't be mean to me about BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. (kinda)

and ps, i know it's been yet ANOTHER week without blogging but this week has literally been one of the worst times of my life so please don't be annoyed with me! i'm not going to be discussing it on my blog because this is a HAPPY PLACE.. but let's just say i've never felt so sad in my entire life. (i'm okay though)