Wednesday, December 28, 2011


h&m lace dress

so christmas is definitely over now, and all that's left is new years eve to look forward to before reality sets in. if you follow me on twitter you might know the struggle i had finding an appropriate dress for new years eve. i searched EVERYWHERE and because of the rubbish sales (which is full of crap no one wanted to begin with) it was rather stressful. found this royal blue lace dress in h&m though, which will have to do!

peacocks floral dress, river island bow playsuit, primark sheer cape, topshop lace dress, h&m mustard dress, topshop sheer blouse, h&m lace dress, dorothy perkins jeans/h&m body con skirt, river island leopard print top

this is what my bed currently looks like, i'm trying to be organised and pack properly for once. i'm going to london in the morning and then at ridic-o-clock friday morning seb and i are off to paris! i'm super excited even if it's going to be mega cold and probably rain forever. nye always seems to be full of drama or just a bit rubbish in general so it'll be nice to finally have a good one for a change. (it's paris, how can it be bad?)

i've given up packing the clothes for now and moved onto the most important part. MAKEUP. i've tried to pack light, and i think i've done pretty well for the most part.. no fake eyelashes or insanely bright lipstick to be found! hurrah! (huff.) not entirely sure why i think it's necessary to take three different types of red lipstick, but we'll go with it..

revlon colorstay (ivory), benefit high beam, mac studio fix powder foundation (nc15), nars orgasm blush, sleek flamingo blush, mac cream colour base (pearl), sleek contour kit (light), mac bite of an apple blush

urban decay naked palette, maybelline falsies, revlon grow luscious mascara, rimmel scandal eyes mascara, l'oreal carbon gloss liner (black), mac quad (espresso, brule, wedge, expensive pink)

carmex, revlon coral reef lipgloss, revlon cherries in the snow, mac russian red, mac cyndi, mac creme cup

hope you all have a wonderful start to 2012, i'll no doubt be trying to stay classy (yeah i know..) and refrain from rolling around the streets of paris when the clock strikes midnight. my blog turns 1 when i'm gone too, which is a massive achievement for me - i never stick to anything! i never ever expected anyone to actually read it either, so thank you SO much to anyone who takes the time to read my blog and/or stare at pictures of my puggy. it really does mean a lot!

Monday, December 26, 2011

russian red

mac russian red lipstick

well that's christmas over with! hope everyone had a jolly good time. after obligatory visits to see family members and exchange presents my christmas was spent at home with my mum, dad and dog. it was super nice, actually. this year is the first year in three that my dad has been well enough to even eat christmas dinner! i do think christmas is always a bit of an anti climax though, but that's possibly because i get ridiculously excited from august and then it's just like 'oh'.

over the festive season i did fall in love. with a lipstick. a lipstick that i've had for a really long time, mac russian red. in the tube this looks quite dark, but on my lips it comes out a lovely vibrant red which i really like! this is definitely one of those lipsticks that looks different on everyone i think, so even if you're a bit scared of it in the tube it's definitely worth trying still. it lasts really well too, another posi point is when it fades it fades into a stain rather than leaving a gross red outline around your mouth.

ending this post with some photographs of louie yesterday, last christmas he was only a few months old so didn't particularly take much notice of anything... this year however.. what a little tinker. he had A LOT of fun stealing baubles from the christmas tree and even more fun opening his presents! here he is in action and then wearing his new jumper. he is cute.

Friday, December 23, 2011

merry pugmas

just wanted to wish you all a very merry christmas, and what better way to do that than dressing my pug up as a christmas pudding?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hair, lipstick, pug

i haven't taken any proper blog photos in forever because it pains me to use my crappy digital one when i know i have a new dslr upstairs that i'm not allowed to play with until christmas! boo. thought i'd include a token photobooth picture though of my good hair day yesterday (doesn't happen often) it was typical that i didn't have anywhere to go and the wind was EXTREME even if i did brave the cold. sigh. always the same, isn't it? the lipstick i'm wearing is revlon cherries in the snow if anyone was wondering, a lot of people seem to search for it and end up on my blog!

jesus christ, it's christmas in ELEVEN DAYS! i've done some shopping online today and only have a few more people to buy for.. i've left the males to last because they're always the most difficult i find. especially dads. what do you buy for a man who has EVERYTHING? there is no answer to this question, i know.

so if it's christmas in eleven days, that means i go to paris in two weeks! if anyone has any recommendations for things to do/places to go/eat/drink (especially vegetarian friendly places!) i'd be super grateful.

ps, cheeky 30% off asos code if anyone's looking for one! ASOSGRAZIA30

pps, louie got new leggings!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

i want shoes.

princess wedge
gem ankle wedge
paco gil
miso t-bar

a few posts ago i mentioned i spend most of my time on buses or looking at shoes.. i figured a post about buses might be a bit rubbish, so how about a post about shoes? everyone loves shoes. right? since christmas is coming up, that means parties, and the NEED FOR PRETTY SHOES. i say parties, i still haven't been invited to any.. my dog had an excellent time at his christmas bash, if anyone was wondering! i've never seen so many pugs, sausage dogs and frenchies in one room before. amazing.

anyway, can't decide which of these i like most, i've wanted the princess wedges from schuh FOREVER.. but i don't know how appropriate it'd be leaving a trail of glitter behind me after the festive season? i love the red hollywood shoes from spartoo too though - red, peep toe, block heel and bows.. hello dream shoes. now all i need is the ability to walk in heels without breaking my neck or wanting to rip my feet off, hurrah.

Thursday, December 01, 2011


despite my lack of advent calendar and festive jumper, it is now december which means it's totally acceptable to be excited about CHRISTMAS. (let's not mention the fact i've been banging on about christmas since august, eh?) and what better way to start december than with a CHRISTMAS POST!?! since i can't bake festive cupcakes nor am i creative enough to make christmas related crafts i thought i'd just share some photographs from a recent visit to winter wonderland

there was lots and lots of people there, and despite my festive spirits being high they were just not high enough to deal with being pushed around and stood on. HOWEVER, it was super exciting seeing all the festive stalls and lights AND I JUST LOVE WALKING AROUND CHRISTMAS. we went on the big wheel and everything just looks so much prettier when you're in the sky. i can't wait to visit more christmas markets and i might even try mulled wine this year.. the smell puts me off but apparently it's nice? I'M BEING SO ADVENTUROUS LATELY - i have tried both tea and baileys (not together..) in the past week and enjoyed both. never thought i'd see the day!

ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS?! louie (my dog..) has his first christmas party at the weekend! (i haven't been invited to any yet, if you were wondering.. errrr.)