mickey and i have the same last name!

primark dress
dorothy perkins cardigan

i think this is my first outfit post of 2012, which is weird because i've definitely been wearing clothes for the past few weeks. this dress is also my first (and only) primark purchase of the year too, and i've worn it quite a few times since i bought it! i find primark to be really rubbish now, i never find much i like anymore or maybe i've just stopped buying cheap dresses i don't even wear for the hell of it? AM I GROWING UP or is primark just not that great?

..no, no i'm not growing up. (see pictures below)

so since i already look like minnie mouse and the weather is dire, it's okay to wear these earmuffs.. right? i can't help but feel like england judges me. i felt totally comfortable wandering around disneyland paris wearing them but not so much the north east.. i know i'm not five, but they are so cute and my ears really appreciate them.

ps, i hate snow.


  1. love the ear muffs <3
    im following u on here and il follow u on twitter :)

  2. I love your earmuffs they're soo cute! x

  3. adorable earmuffs!


  4. Love this outfit! Looks so nice!:) x

  5. Love the dress :)
    The ear muffs are more than okay to wear xx

  6. No, it's Primark...it's been sucking for a while now lol But I do love the dress!!!



  7. Give me your earmuffs pls. Kthanksbai. xxxxx

  8. Ahwww the ear muffs are adorable! What a cute Minnie Mouse themed outfit- my 6 year old self is jealous

  9. Nahh, I think Primark's gone down hill ever since they put their prices up! Whenever I go to Primark now I actually think about what I'm buying rather than just shoving anything in my basket!
    Love the earmuffs too, so cute :)

  10. supercute earmuffs! Love the polka dot dress too x

  11. I love this outfit, the earmuffs are too damn cute and you are awesome.

  12. I adore this outfit, it's so cute! I'm also glad its not just me who still wears kids ear muffs! - mine are Hello Kitty x

  13. Love the dress! The earmuffs are so cute hehe. I can never be bothered to shop in Primark haha, it's too much effort to find anything good in there!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I LOVE that song hehe, I can't get it out of my head either!

    Chloe x

  14. I love these photographs so much!


    Eda ♥

    P.S If you have twitter I would love for you to follow my new business venture - Bibby's Cupcakes at #bibbyscupcakes (http://twitter.com/bibbyscupcakes)

  15. Primark dresses are all about £17 at the moment but you can get better in New Look for the Same price. Last thing I bought in there was a leopar print pencil skirt but it was only £8 so not too bad. You hair is looking lovely, nice colour xx

  16. I love the earmuffs, I really considered buying them in Disney in December there but decided against it because I didn't know if I'd wear them at all after I got home - but now totally regret it!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  17. Klee! I have Hello Kitty ear muffs with built in headphones for my ipod haha. I can't wear them though. I feel soo silly.

    - Bryden x

  18. How have I not seen this dress, its so cute! I have an obsession atm with polka dots!

    Mimii xo


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