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maybelline 24 hour color tattoo - 35 on and on bronze

every so often i'll take a wander around boots and buy loads of stuff because it's relatively cheap and it satisfies my need to buy things i don't need without feeling too guilty. majority of the time i regret it because i end up with cheap make up i don't wear because quite frankly it's rubbish and i already own makeup that does the job better. HOWEVER on some rare occasions i end up with new things i really really love that don't cost the earth. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES.

i genuinely don't know why i bought the 24 hour colour tattoo because i cannot for the life of me make mac paint pots work for me or any kind of cream eyeshadow really. they just slip off my lids or crease majorly. for some strange reason though, the 24 hour colour tattoos last really well on my eyes. absolutely no way they last 24 hours but they can definitely survive an average day in a hot office. super impressive! shame i don't like any of the other colours available because i'd definitely buy more.

l'oreal rouge caresse lipsticks in impulsive fuchsia and rebel red

i actually found these by accident when looking for the revlon lip butters (cannae find them) and thought the idea of them seemed similar. no idea how they compare but i love these lipsticks! they're basically a really pigmented lip balm, which is brilliant for me because my lips are so dry lately but i hate lipgloss. they're really easy to apply and because they're so moisturising they don't cling and they leave a really nice stain as they fade. they don't have the greatest staying power but because they're so easy to apply it doesn't really bother me.

the colours i picked are very 'me' colours, though i did notice there were some less bright more nude shades in the collection too! because the formula of these are so balm like i definitely didn't expect these to be as pigmented as they are - they remind me of the 17 mirror shine lipsticks but far less glossy.

soz for the extreme closeups of my face but i hate it when people rave about products but don't actually show what they look like on or just swatch them up an arm!

impulsive fuchsia

rebel red


  1. ooooh my local Boots didn't have the lip butters or Caresse but I'm going to Manchester for Easter so will look for them there. Love the look of all of these products. Hope the 3 for 2 is still on next week x

  2. The lip colours look absolutely lush! xx

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  3. i've been searching all over for the lip butters in newcastle but for the life of me they aren't anywhere to be seen :( i've tried metro, to no avail. where for art thou lip butters?
    and i love the colour tattoo eyeshadows! cant wait to pick some up

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

    1. I managed to find the lip butters in the Metrocentre Boots on Friday. Haven't seen them in Newcastle yet x

  4. oooooo they look amazing - will have to check these out!xxx

  5. I want some colour tattoos and I want some now. In fact I want some money and I want some now.
    You look a stunner as always.


  6. Love your lips, that colour looks amazing on you!! xxx

  7. Nee lip butters in Eldon Square Boots, I went looking for them myself last week! Intrigued by these L'Oreal ones though, thanks for the tip-off. Shame I've got a £2 off Revlon Boots voucher - I don't want to squander it on something else and then find the lip butters come in the next week!

  8. I have that lipstick in fashionista it! I also have a revlon lip butter, IMO they don't compare much...but I adore both!

  9. I love how the maybelline colour tattoo looks on you. Can't wait to get my hands on it. xx

  10. They look amazing on you, especially the first one! How much are the Loreal things? Miss sporty do something similar too for about £2, and although they stink they work well - I regret not buying them after trying them in Superdrug! Anyway, it frustrates me how annoying the Revlon thing is, my boots told me they were in stock when they obviously weren't, they don't even live up to the hype I don't think! They're... Okay!

    :D xx xxx

  11. I really really want to try those maybelline colour tattoos, seem to be getting top marks from all the bloggers at the mo, going to have to check them out.


  12. I must try the Maybelline cream shadows. I have the same issue as you, Paint Pots etc all crease on me. And the L'oreal lippys are SOO lovely. I've got one in coral. Great post. xx

  13. I've heard such good stuff about the colour tattoos, I never really wear eyeshadow but I may have to try them and switch up my make-up routine a bit. The lipsticks sound great too, my lips are quite dry at the moment and there's nothing worse than flaky lipstick! I agree about swatches, you can't tell at all what lipstick actually looks like if it's on someone's hand!

  14. i do exactly the same and always end up regretting it because all the little cheap bits add up to a small fortune :P i do love those two lipsticks though x

  15. Loving the colour tattoos, wish they'd bring out the silver & white ones though. I finally managed to get my hand on some lip butters, SO GOOD! Impulsive fuchsia looks ace on you, pics of your face are always welcome on my laptop ;) xx

  16. can´t wait to see those lipsticks in store!! they sound really good!!

  17. I really want some of the colour tattoos! I just so happen to be going into town tomorrow too.. ;D x

  18. I'm loving both these products, on the boots website now to have a better look!

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