pugs and polkadots

primark top
asos skirt
dorothy perkins cardigan

hiya. i cut my fringe after these photos so now i look about 5 but more on that later.. not much to report really just plodding along. i should probably stop matching my lipstick and nails with what i'm wearing but err i probably won't.

i can't believe it's only tuesday i feel like this week has been going on FOREVER. my life is a constant headache at the minute, not sure what's wrong with me! just don't feel like myself at all. i think it's probably because i keep dreaming about chloe from towie pulling my hair and causing me to vom up blood. why do i keep dreaming about the cast of towie attacking me?

speaking of attacks.. loupug was attacked by an alsatian a few days ago and he's still a bit sad about it. (he's okay but) look at his little face b'awww.


  1. Hugs to loupug! You look gooooooorge x

  2. aww what a cute little doggy :) x

  3. Aww poor Loupug:(
    there's an alsation round mine that Dexter keeps barking at, he's terrified of other dogs usually but even though this one is huuuuuge he has a proper go at it! Probably because it's safely on his lead.
    I love the skirt :-) xx

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love your dog so much <3333 Pugs are the best!

  5. Cutest dog ever, hope he's okay after his ordeal. Your outfit is lovely, so pretty x

  6. Aw no poor Loupug!! you look lovely, hope you feel better soon and towie people stop attacking you :p xx

  7. PUG

    almost as adorable as YOU! x

  8. oooh no, bad dog! Photos of your pug always cheer me up :)
    Love the navy and orange together xx

  9. love your matching top, lips and nails!
    Poor Louie, hope he's feeling better now x

  10. Aw your poor dog! How horrible! Pesky Alsatian :(
    On a positive note, HOW pretty is your top?! Love everything about it

  11. Loving that skirt! Your dog is so cute, poor little thing!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  12. cute outfit :) your dog is just so precious sorry to hear about the alsatian attack! and jeeze those dreams sound quite scary. i hope they change for the better soon!!

    <3 rae


  13. that top does not look like primark! it looks perfect with the skirt.



  14. Lovely outfit :)
    beautiful skirt

  15. The cardigan is gorgeous! I love the whole outfit! Aww hope loupug is okay, bless him! Your new fringe looks amazing! xx

  16. it breaks my heart to hear the loupug was attacked :( so pleased he is ok though! :) xxx


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