all of the lights all of the lights

token mirror picture with my bezzies, vintage tea party at work, asos book clutch featured here, bow tights, got drunk and sprained my wrist, being an idiot in sunglasses!

cupcake day at work, got converse trainers c/o spartoo shoes, loupug being cute, viva glam nicki lipstick, birthday shots (it wasn't anyones birthday), metro station quote

being unintentionally french, pug jumper!, brightest nails in the entire world, friday at work means wine at work, bezzie chicks, wasabi peas are basically the best things in the entire world but no on else agrees?!

phew done! my give away ends tomorrow evening so you still have time to enter here if you would like to!


  1. Lovely pics! I love wasabi peas too! Delish! xxx

  2. I still want that ASOS clutch, but I'm awful with carrying clutch bags aaand I never go out ): those birthday shots look amazing though! xx

  3. I keep seeing people in converses! I might have a rumage to find mine - they're so versatile! Your pug is SO cute!xx

  4. I got the white cons from Spartoo too. I got some white Tuk pumps with silver anchors on last month which would look fab on you with your nice pastel blue dress.
    Still jealous of your bag xx

  5. i love that pink lipstick, it looks amazing on you! xoxo

  6. HOLY yes to Wasabi Peas, especially the M&S ones.

  7. The viva glam nicki lipstick looks amazing on you!! And that book clutch is just brilliant! :)

  8. I've seen wasabi peas about in shops but not picked any up. Might do so now :P

    And that picture of you in the viva glam nicki lipstick is beautiful.

    Morag x

  9. pictures of Lou pug never fail to brighten my day!

    love, Natalie

  10. What a great little gem you have here! May I ask what color lipstick you are wearing in these photos? I adore it.

    I was looking stuff up about Paris and I found your blog. I think we have a lot of the same taste. We just put out a very Parisian video. Super cute! Hope you will enjoy it.



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