Wednesday, May 02, 2012

oi oi sailor

river island stripy top
dorothy perkins cardigan & shorts

i was a bit hesitant about posting this because i feel like it's a skinny girl outfit and i am definitely not a skinny girl.. but yolo. (i didn't know how to finish that sentence, clearly)
i bought this top when river island were doing 20% student discount, i just wanted to buy something to be honest but i really like it! i think i've worn stripes every day this week along with 90% of my office.. very weird.

don't have a lot else to say really! i'm going to see some drag queens tomorrow night with work which i'm excited about! not really sure what to wear.. not that i'd ever be able to compete with any of their outfits!


  1. Klee you are rocking this outfit! Jealz of your legs btw

  2. You look laaavely Klee! I've lost my denim shorts somehow and want to die without them ): love that cardy as well! xx

  3. This is a lovely outfit, that cardy is pretty :) x

  4. This looks so cute, love the top cx

  5. You look gorgeous! I think you have a great figure and the shorts make your hips look tiny. Love the cardigan - might have to invest myself.

  6. You look lovely :D The cardi is so cute!

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous, you have a gorgeous figure you silly sausage. Love that stripey top!

  8. You look lovely, I love your cardi!

    joanne from

  9. You look ace, I love your style!

  10. You look lovely and you have great legs! Loving that Dorothy Perkins cardi.

    I've got a giveaway on my blog at the moment if you fancy checking it out.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  11. Lovely blog!


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