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asos dress

i'm hoping if i slowly start wearing more summery clothes then the sun will come out? it is june so it wouldn't be that crazy.. would it? england is rubbish.

lace and skater style dresses are my favourite so i didn't even hesitate buying this! it's a lot lighter than i thought it would be/normally wear but i quite like it. the other colour options are contrast colours which i'm not the biggest fan of!

i've been spending most of my spare time reading 50 shades and i've just finished the second book! apart from harry potter i'm not usually one to get caught up in ~book trends~ but i've strangely quite enjoyed reading these even though they are pretty terribly written. has anyone else got trapped in mr grey? i'd love to hear your thoughts! besides that i've just been drinking wine and buying dresses, nothing new there.

laters baby!


  1. I thought the 50 Shades books were great easy reading- no huge concentration needed but enjoyable. Just what I've been needing post exams!

    Loving the dress, fingers crossed for some actual daylight!

  2. Oh I love that dress! I keep hoping summer clothes will entice summer, meh. Balls to England.

  3. The dress is gorgeous! I was looking at it earlier and this is definitely the nicest shade, im tempted to get it myself!x

  4. That garland looks gorgeous with your hair!
    I haven't got 50 Shades yet, I am reluctant to get them when everyone else on my FB feed is talking about them haha!

  5. Absolutely adore this dress - so beautiful. And I love the theory of wearing summer clothes to make summer arrive (I feel like it's been and gone!)

    Haven't read 50 Shades, but will hopefully get round to it at some point this, ahem, summer!

  6. From: Lucy Partington
    Subject: Your Dress
    To: Klee Belle Louise McMullen

    Would look better on the floor in the playroom.

    Can't wait to see you later.

    I love you.

    Your Lucy x

    Lucy Partington
    Excited CEO Grazed Knees Enterprises

  7. Love this dress, it looks amazing on you :)xx

  8. Completely in love with this dress, looks gorgeous on you!!x

  9. Love this :) SO SO pretty, and the floral headband just tops it off so well, BEAUT XX

  10. looking gorgeous! love the dress with the hair band x

  11. That dress is so nice! Love the colour of your hair :) xx

  12. I love the dress and headband, you look like a fairy! xx

  13. Love the dress, I want to wear my summer clothes so I've just been wearing them with tights and a cardi.
    I've not read those books but I'm hooked on Jenny Colgan chick lit at the moment which is shameful for a librarian xx

  14. that is such a lovely dress! i keep on wearing summery clothes despite the weather & just whack on some wool tights with them. today was the worst though, we had thunder & scorching heat, wtf. i'm just about to start on 50 shades, heres to reading some filth! xx

  15. Love your hair band. Just found your blog :) now following! x

  16. The dress looks lovely, I've just been wearing summery clothes with tights and cardigans even wore flip flops the other day - it rained. Xx

  17. Super cute vintage/hippie looking post! Love it :)


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