hair couture international by sleek remy

so i'm not sure if anyones noticed but my hair seems to have magically grown over the past few weeks? i wish i was here to tell you about an amazing hair growth product but alas.. it's a fake job. but a pretty amazing fake job.

i wasn't aware sleek remy even existed until they kindly offered to send me some hair to try out. i used to wear (head kandy) extensions when i had darker hair which you can see here which i thought were incredible, so i was intrigued to see how these would compare!

now having red hair i knew it'd be difficult to get a perfect match so i asked for blonde hair to dye myself. as you can see i managed pretty well (SO impressed with myself!) and they blend really well in my hair. the extensions themselves come in one giant strip of hair, and when i say giant.. i mean.. huge. you get SO much hair in one pack. sleek kindly sent me two packs and i can definitely say one pack is more than enough for a full head of hair. i haven't even opened the second pack! having the hair as one mega strip is actually really great because it means you can cut it exactly how you like - as well as doubling some up to make thicker strips. sewing the clips in is easy peasy too!

i've really put this hair through it the past few weeks - dying it, washing it, curling it and it's still perfect. the quality is incredible and right up there with head kandy. you can see how i've worn them here and here over the past month, it's still as perfect as it was when i received it.

hair couture international by sleek remy will be available from different independent beauty stores and boutiques. RRP66.99-111.99 depending on length and colour.


  1. I'm so jealous of your locks, even if they are fake (not that they look it!). An over zealous hairdresser thinned my hair out too much recently, I might have to invest in some of these extensions to thicken it out again.


  2. Your hair looks amazing that length, I have been willing my hair to grow for months and it's taking it's sweet time! Grrr.

  3. Very impressed with how they blend in, especially as you dyed it yourself, looks fab! x

  4. I would love to get some these, your hair looks so lovely and long. They seem like great quality if they can take heat and dye x

  5. So impressed! It's a massive plus to me that you can dye them yourself, these blend beautifully!

  6. I didn't know you wore extensions! I'm so afraid to take the plunge but they look great on you Klee. :D

  7. They look so good and your hair colour is beautiful! :) xx

  8. Your hair looks amazing! And may I ask where your dress is from? It's adorable!!

    1. thank you! it's more of a tunic but it's from new look :) x

  9. These look awesome, I might have to give them a go as my hair is at an annoying in-between-y bit where it's long, just not as long as I'd like it to be!

  10. I'm so jealous of your hair :'( xo

  11. Your hair looks awesome as always!

  12. These look stunning in your hair :)
    x x x


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